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According to Wisconsin PI 34, University Supervisors are required to make a minimum of two classroom observation visits per quarter for each teacher candidate. All observations must be a minimum of one hour in length. University supervisors must conduct a pre-observation meeting (approximately 15 minutes) with the respective teacher candidate and a post-observation meeting with both the teacher candidate and the cooperating teacher. The SIP must be the product of a three-way conference between the teacher candidate, cooperating teacher, and university supervisor.

Additional Information: 

  • When a teacher candidate is struggling in any fashion, the number of observations may increase to weekly and even daily in extreme cases.
  • University supervisors may choose to “drop in” at school to see how things are going. All observations do not need to be formally scheduled.
  • Cooperating teachers must provide a written observation for the student teacher at least one (1) time over the course of the placement. It is recommended that the cooperating teacher complete an observation just prior to the mid-term and final SIPs evaluations. Cooperating teachers are highly encouraged to do more than one observation, and only one must be turned into the candidate’s file.
  • University supervisors should communicate weekly regarding teaching schedules, goals and concerns.
  • Travel reimbursements are submitted monthly
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InTasc SIPs Evaluation Rubric

Katie Hosley-Frieden
Assessment Coordinator
235 Morris Hall

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The Teacher Candidate Progress Review (TCPR) Committee is charged with overseeing the development and assessment of knowledge, skills, and dispositions among teacher candidates as assessed by the multiple measures of the established teacher education assessment system. Academic and non-academic misconduct (plagiarism, cheating, etc.) are referred directly to the Office of Student Life as outlined in the university's student handbook

More information about the TCPR process as well as forms needed can be found here.

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Standards in Practice (SIP) Forms / Assessment 
Katie Hosley-Frieden | Assessment Coordinator |
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