Interim Associate Deans

Linda Dickmeyer  Profile of Linda Dickmeyer

4210 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Interpersonal Communication, Instructional Communication, Undergraduate Research
Adrienne Loh  Profile of Adrienne Loh

Epc - Associate Dean (Interim)
335 Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Interim Associate Dean, School of Education (145 Graff Main Hall), Aug. 2017-present
Chair: Department of Educational Studies (335 Morris Hall), Sept. 2014-present
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry: Physical & Biophysical Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy, Peptide & Protein Structure

Office of the Dean Staff

Lindsey Butts  Profile of Lindsey Butts

Field Exp Coordinator & Comm Specialist
1170 Centennial Hall

Ashley Cree  Profile of Ashley Cree  Office hours

Acad Services & Cert Officer
145 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Teacher certification/licensing, academic policies and procedures, monitoring degree progress, probation and suspension, advising, and admission to School of Education programs.

Leah Bauer  Profile of Leah Bauer  Office hours

Academic Services Administrative Assistant
0145 Graff Main Hall

Mai Chao Duddeck  Profile of Mai Chao Duddeck  Office hours

Senior Equity Advisor/Recruiter
145 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Multicultural Education

K-12 Art Education

Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Diversity Initiatives

Student Affairs Administration Leadership

Cindy Duley  Profile of Cindy Duley

Field Exp-Partnerships Specialist
1172 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Field Experience Coordinator and Partnership Specialist:

  • EA-A Majors (English, Science, Math, Social Studies)
  • EC-A Majors (PETE, School Health, Art, Music, Global Cultures and Languages)
  • Out-of-Area Student Teaching (Educators Abroad, Internships, Milwaukee Guest Student Teaching/Intern Program, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion Program, Arizona Student Teaching)
  • Out-of-Area Field Experiences (Arizona Cultural Teaching and Learning Experience, Milwaukee Urban Experiences)
  • School of Education Graduate Programs
Cheryl Russell  Profile of Cheryl Russell

Field Experience Administrative Assistant
1173 Centennial Hall