Interim Associate Deans

Linda Dickmeyer Profile of Linda Dickmeyer
4210 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: Interpersonal Communication, Instructional Communication, Undergraduate Research
Adrienne Loh Profile of Adrienne Loh
Epc - Associate Dean (Interim)
4016 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Interim Associate Dean, School of Education, Aug. 2017-present                                                                                                     

Chair: Department of Educational Studies, Sept. 2014-present

Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry: Physical & Biophysical Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy, Peptide & Protein Structure

Office of the Dean Staff

Lindsey Butts Profile of Lindsey Butts
Field Exp Coordinator & Comm Specialist
1223 Centennial Hall
Ashley Cree Profile of Ashley Cree
Academic Services & Cert Officer
145 Graff Main Hall
Leah Bauer Profile of Leah Bauer Office hours
Academic Services Administrative Assistant
0145 Graff Main Hall
Cindy Duley Profile of Cindy Duley
Field Exp-Partnerships Specialist
1226 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Field Experience Coordinator and Partnership Specialist:

  • EA-A Majors (English, Science, Math, Social Studies)
  • EC-A Majors (PETE, School Health, Art, Music, Global Cultures and Languages)
  • Out-of-Area Student Teaching (Educators Abroad, Internships, Milwaukee Guest Student Teaching/Intern Program, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion Program, Arizona Student Teaching)
  • Out-of-Area Field Experiences (Arizona Cultural Teaching and Learning Experience, Milwaukee Urban Experiences)
  • School of Education Graduate Programs