Mission and values

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse School of Education is an accredited institution that focuses on ensuring that all teacher candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills and dispositions consistent with professional practice.

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Education is to develop within its graduates a commitment to the teaching profession, a profound respect for the dignity of all learners, and the professional competencies that enable them to be effective teachers and responsible citizens in a diverse and dynamic world.

Our Values

Lead:   We are engaging and leading many disciplines of teacher education. We are focused on teaching and learning with best practice and dynamic strategies in mind that result in high student achievement.

Educate:   We strive for the highest quality professional teacher education programs, and we believe in continuous improvement with 21st century teaching and learning in mind.

Collaborate:   We believe teacher quality matters and through partnerships with our regional school districts and outstanding veteran educators our teacher candidates are afforded high quality experiences.

Innovate:   We are dedicated to supporting the use of technology to support teaching and learning, so that our teacher candidates are prepared for the 21st century learning environment. 

Our Norms

We agree to:

  1.  Be present and in the moment for all meetings

  2.  Have clearly stated goals and time guidelines for our meetings

  3.  Engage with each other transparently and honestly

  4.  Commit to bringing information forward for the purpose of collaborative problem solving

  5.  Assume best intentions and treat each other with respect

  6.  Acknowledge our shared purpose as educators

Unanimously approved by SOE and SOE-affiliated faculty and staff 1/21/22.