Benchmark assessments

The WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is specific in its requirements about the content of both general education and professional education. DPI requires teacher education candidates to complete a variety of benchmark assessments (tests) detailed below. Teacher candidates must have evidence of completion of all benchmark assessments except for the edTPA in order to be approved for student teaching. 

The WI State Superintendent of Public Instruction determines passing scores. Therefore, prospective teacher education candidates should work closely with an advisor from the outset of their studies at the university. Completion of DPI requirements for licensure may take longer than four academic years. 

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Candidates for a teaching license in WI must take the original FoRT test (FoRT090)

  • An official FoRT score report documenting a passing score of at least 240 (required only for Early Childhood-Middle Childhood, Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence, Elementary/Middle Education, and Special Education candidates);

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American Council Teaching of Foreign Languates (ACTFUL)

  • An official ACTFUL score report demonstrating oral and written proficiency with a rating of "Intermediate High" in French, German, and/or Spanish (required only for French education, German education or Spanish education candidates)
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edTPA is an teacher candidate assessment method used to determine if a new teacher is "ready for the job." It is a process completed during pre-service experience by the teacher candidate with the guidance of their university supervisor. A review of the teacher candidates' authentic teaching material is done at the completion of the teaching and learning process. This edTPA assessment documents and demonstrates each candidate's ability to effectively teach his/her subject matter to all students.

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