SoE Leadership Team

The School of Education Leadership (SoEL) Team is charged with advising the Dean on the policies, procedures, activities, resources, and facilities of the School of Education (initial licensure programs and graduate programs in School Psychology and Professional Studies in Education).

Responsibilities include:

  • Making formal recommendations to the Dean regarding changes in programs, assessment procedures and all other aspects of the School

  • Providing the primary voice for teacher preparation on campus and overall guidance to all SoE activities.

SoEL Team Membership: 2017-18

Co-Chair, Interim Associate Dean, EPC Adrienne Loh
Co-Chair, Math Education Jennifer Kosiak
Program Director, EC-MC Ann Epstein
MC-EA Liaison Lema Kabashi
Program Director, EC-A Heather Linville
Program Coordinator, Educational Foundations Scott Baker
Program Directors, EA-A (STEP) Jennifer Docktor, Ken Shonk
Program Director, SHE Lori Reichel
Interim Program Director, PETE Deb Sazama
Program Director, School Psychology Joci Newton
Director, Professional Studies in Education Pat Markos
Director, Continuing Education & Extension Penny Tiedt

Consultants: 2017-18

Interim Associate Dean

Linda Dickmeyer

Academic Services Director/Certification Officer

Ashley Cree

Field Experience Coordinator & 
Communications Specialist
Lindsey Butts
Field Experience Coordinator & 
Partnerships Specialist
Cindy Duley

Multicultural Advisor & Recruiter


Professional Development & Outreach Coordinator Rick Stewart
Assessment Coordinator Katie Hosley-Frieden