SoE Leadership Team

The School of Education Leadership (SoEL) Team is charged with advising the Dean on the policies, procedures, activities, resources, and facilities of the School of Education (initial licensure programs and graduate programs in School Psychology and Professional Studies in Education).

Responsibilities include:

  • Making formal recommendations to the Dean regarding changes in programs, assessment procedures and all other aspects of the School

  • Providing the primary voice for teacher preparation on campus and overall guidance to all SoE activities.

Membership includes program directors and consultants (see below). 

Program Director Position Description - Under Review Spring 2018 expanding section

Position Description

A program director is the lead faculty/staff member who serves as a spokesperson and liaison for the program they  represent. The roles/responsibilities of the program director are critical to the overall health of the education program and require effective and ongoing communication and collaboration with colleagues in and outside the program, including the Department Chair and Deans.


  1. Initiates, coordinates, and guides Professional Learning Community (PLC) monthly meetings with program faculty (set agenda, lead meeting, assure minutes are recorded and posted)
  2. Conducts regular programmatic evaluations and prepares annual assessment reports for EPC/UWL/DPI (in consultation with program members)
  3. Writes APR and other larger program assessment documents/sections as needed
  4. Continually monitors program to ensure that it is aligned with conceptual framework and with state and national standards
  5. Guides the PLC in monitoring student progress, and ensuring that students are adequately prepared for benchmark assessments and licensure standards
  6. Initiates discussions about curricular issues and makes formal recommendations to the Department Chair/Dean regarding changes in programs
  7. Represents program at biweekly SoE Leadership meetings (shares program updates and celebrations, voices program concerns, seeks clarification when needed - and takes this information back to PLC)
  8. Represents programs with Department Chair(s) and EPC Dean; serves as the first point of contact for student concerns or publicity requests.  This may include occasional duties outside of the contract period.
  9. Promotes Professional Education Programs on campus and in the community
  10. Oversees Advisory Council by maintaining representative constituency, setting an agenda for regular meetings, and posting meeting minutes
  11. Educator Preparation Program Directors only: Oversees edTPA support days to coordinate faculty coverage of support time for program student teachers.
  12. Educator Preparation Program Directors only: Works with faculty mentor(s) to provide guidance to teacher candidates during the edTPA retake process.
  13. Other duties specified by the Program as outlined in Program and/or Department bylaws.

Program directors should receive 3 credits of reassigned time to fulfill the above roles/responsibilities. Exceptions are made in consultation with both Deans (SoE and CSH/CLS).

Selection Process
Program directors are nominated by the aligned PLC/Program, and appointed by the EPC Dean (in consultation with the Department Chair and Content Dean where appropriate). A tie will be broken by the EPC Dean.

Length of Term
Program directors serve a 3 year term.

Evaluation Process
Program directors will be evaluated annually by the PLC/Program membership. A survey (see Appendix A ) will be distributed by the EPC Dean’s office .

Program Directors will also be evaluated by the EPC Dean or their designate (in consultation with Department Chair when appropriate), and a letter from the EPC Dean’s Office summarizing their review will be filed with the Provost.  This letter will also become part of the Program Director's personnel file for the purpose of retention, tenure, and promotion reviews.

SoEL Team Membership: 2017-18

Co-Chair, Interim Associate Dean, EPC Adrienne Loh
Co-Chair, Math Education Jennifer Kosiak
Program Director, EC-MC Dawn Rouse
MC-EA Liaison Lema Kabashi
Program Director, EC-A Heather Linville
Program Coordinator, Educational Foundations Scott Baker
Program Directors, EA-A (STEP) Jennifer Docktor, Ken Shonk
Program Director, SHE Lori Reichel
Interim Program Director, PETE Deb Sazama
Program Director, School Psychology Joci Newton
Director, Professional Studies in Education Pat Markos
Director, Continuing Education & Extension Penny Tiedt

Consultants: 2017-18

Interim Associate Dean

Linda Dickmeyer

Academic Services Director/Certification Officer

Ashley Cree

Field Experience Coordinator & 
Communications Specialist
Lindsey Butts
Field Experience Coordinator & 
Partnerships Specialist
Cindy Duley

Multicultural Advisor & Recruiter

Mai Chao Duddeck 

Professional Development & Outreach Coordinator Rick Stewart
Assessment Coordinator Katie Hosley-Frieden