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Department Chair

Omar Granados  Profile of Omar Granados

311B Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Contemporary Latin American and Latino literature and cultural studies, Caribbean studies, film studies, migration studies and literary translation.

Academic Department Associate


Hongying Xu  Profile of Hongying Xu

Associate Professor
311C Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Computer-Assisted Language Learning 


Anna Keefe  Profile of Anna Keefe

Associate Professor
329B Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Contemporary French and Francophone cultures, film studies, postcolonial studies, African studies, disability studies

Dany Jacob  Profile of Dany Jacob

Assistant Professor
315F Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Dandyism, European fin-de-siècle, modern and postmodern masculinities, sociocultural identities and their performativity, fetishization and affect in popular culture, construction of cultural myths


Shelley Hay  Profile of Shelley Hay  Meet with me

Associate Professor
329C Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

19th- and 20th-century German literature and philosophy, intermediality (music and language), pedagogy and pop culture, assessment in the foreign language classroom


Natalia Roberts  Profile of Natalia Roberts

Teaching Professor
321C Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Distance education, blended leaning and technology-mediated language learning.


Rose Brougham  Profile of Rose Brougham

Associate Professor
315E Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Spanish American poetry, Southern Cone, daughter-mother relationships, and performance poetry

Victoria Calmes  Profile of Victoria Calmes

Associate Professor
311D Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

XX Century Peninsular Literature, Film Studies, 2nd Language Acquisition

Tyler Gabbard-Rocha  Profile of Tyler Gabbard-Rocha

315G Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Neurohumanities; Microrrelatos (Flash Fiction); 20th and 21st century Peninsular Spanish literature and media

Antonio Martín Gómez  Profile of Antonio Martín Gómez  Meet with me

Assistant Professor
315H Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Applied and Experimental approches to Spanish Morphosyntax

Second and Heritage Language Acquisition

Kimberly Morris  Profile of Kimberly Morris

Associate Professor
315I Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Hispanic Linguistics, World Language Pedagogy, Pragmatics, Study Abroad, Curriculum Design, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Teacher Preparation, Academic Literacy

Astrid Lorena Ochoa Campo  Profile of Astrid Lorena Ochoa Campo

Assistant Professor
315D Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Contemporary Latin American literature and culture; women writers; women, gender, and sexuality studies; Latinx studies; and World Languages Education

Director of the Language Resource Center

Dane DeVetter  Profile of Dane DeVetter

Laboratory Supervisor
321A Graff Main Hall