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Spend time with us!

Check out our many opportunities for you to be engaged with UWL that will have a lasting impact on our campus community.

Portrait of Kali Goodwin

Kali Goodwin

No matter what level you begin at, our professor does an amazing job of providing additional learning resources to learn more on your own, as well as making time to help her students.

Portrait of Benjamin Levelius

Benjamin Levelius

UWL helped me to think globally. Faculty members in my programs encouraged hands-on engagement with people at the ESL Institute and in local immigrant communities. These interactions gave me insight in differing world views and shared international challenges.

Portrait of Annie Thurs

Annie Thurs

I stay motivated to continue learning Russian because of a wonderful, patient instructor and because of my career aspirations, which include utilizing the language at some level ... Russian adds a uniqueness to my personality and my knowledge.

Portrait of Avery Wellens

Avery Wellens

I'm part of the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program at UWL. Taking Russian is valuable to the army, and I have always been interested in Russian culture and language. Having the opportunity to pursue it and learn it has been really exciting for me.

Portrait of Sophia Schuessler

Sophia Schuessler

Studying abroad in Germany was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. You fall in love with the culture and the scenery. Germany takes a part of your heart and keeps it.