Everything you need to know about Fall 2023 Auditions!

Email Prof. Martin Gaines, Director of the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra if you have questions or concerns: mgaines@uwlax.edu

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse offers a variety of bands designed to meet the artistic and educational needs of UW-La Crosse students. Students from all academic disciplines are invited to participate in the band program. Membership in every band is open to any interested and qualified UW-La Crosse student.

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Participation in the UWL Band program is open to all interested and qualified UW-La Crosse students regardless of major. Membership in the Wind Ensemble is determined by audition. 

Audition Information for Fall 2023

The Directors will be hearing winds, brass and percussion during scheduled shifts on Sunday and Monday Sept 3 & 4, 2023 and Prof. Gaines will listen to strings on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 7 PM. Please review the information in the link to know when and where to show up and what to prepare. 

MUS 103 Concert Band (Fall) and MUS 144 Symphonic Band (Spring) is open to all individuals on campus who wish to continue performing on their instrument. Class registration is required for each ensemble. If you need to loan an instrument from UWL, please contact mgaines@uwlax.edu (Prof. Martin Gaines, Director of the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra). 

Fall 2023 Audition Information

Prof. Martin Gaines, Conductor

The Wind Ensemble at UWL is committed to performing diverse, relevant, contemporary literature reflecting the diversity of its members while also creating moving performances of masterworks of the wind band repertoire. This ensemble is open to all university students by audition and provides students and the surrounding community with rich and rewarding experiences. The Wind Ensemble performs at least two concerts each semester and often participates in collaborative efforts across the community. You must enroll in MUS 140 and audition for the ensemble in the information provided above. The Wind Ensemble rehearses Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. in CFA 56.


For more information contact:

Prof. Martin Gaines mgaines@uwlax.edu

142 Lowe Center for the Arts


MUS 103 Concert Band, non-auditioned concert band (Fall Semester Only). If you are interested in playing, please enroll in MUS 103 through WINGS. If you need an instrument, please contact Mr. Waldhart (rwaldhart@uwlax.edu).

Mr. Ryan Waldhart is the Director of this ensemble for Fall 2023. Mr. Waldhart is an alumnus of UWL and currently serves as Director of Bands for West Salem Middle School in West Salem, WI. He is also a frequent guest conductor for college, high school, middle school bands around the region. Each summer he is also asked to conduct the La Crosse Concert Band. Mr. Waldhart serves the leadership in the Wisconsin Concert Band Association.

The Concert Band meets in the fall semester and is a course for any student who wishes to continue playing their instrument in college. Repertoire varies by semester but will meet the needs of the students. Concert band performs one concert at the end of the fall semester and meets on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 PM in CFA 56.

SEMB website
Dr. Tammy Fisher, Director

The Screaming Eagles Marching Band (SEMB) is an exciting ensemble that energizes the spectators of UWL’s new state of the art football stadium. The ensemble captivates its audiences at regional exhibition performances and tears up the pavement as it marches down the street during parades. The SEMB has also performed at Green Bay Packer football games and special events in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Membership in the SEMB is open to all UWL, Viterbo University, and Western Technical College students!

Dr. Tammy Fisher, Conductor

The Symphonic Band is open to all UW-La Crosse students regardless of major. This group provides a challenging and rewarding atmosphere for anyone who wishes to continue playing without the stress of an audition. Although the Symphonic Band performs less difficult music, emphasis is still placed on musical excellence. The band rehearses during the Spring Semester on Tuesday-Thursday from 4:45 – 6:15 p.m. in CFA 56.

All music ensembles are a one-credit course. Students are required to enroll in the course through WINGS. Students from area institutions (Viterbo, Western Technical College) are welcome to join our program and should contact the Director of the ensemble for which they would like to participate. If you have a course conflict or credit hour need, please discuss with the director.

Prof. Tammy Fisher (tfisher@uwlax.edu), Director of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band (MUS 100) and Symphonic Band (MUS 144)

Prof. Martin Gaines (mgaines@uwlax.edu), Director of the Wind Ensemble (MUS 140) and Orchestra (MUS 156)

Mr. Ryan Waldhart (rwaldhart@uwlax.edu), Director of the MUS 103 Concert Band


Students can check out instruments on loan (without charge) from the UWL Music Department. Ensemble Directors must provide written permission to the Music Department Office (music@uwlax.edu) and 608-785-8409. Check-out of instruments are run through the Music Listening Lab, Room 124 Lowe Center for the Arts.

Please email your ensemble director to request an instrument.

Prof. Tammy Fisher (tfisher@uwlax.edu), Director of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band (MUS 100) and Symphonic Band (MUS 144)

Prof. Martin Gaines (mgaines@uwlax.edu), Director of the Wind Ensemble (MUS 140) and Orchestra (MUS 156)

Mr. Ryan Waldhart (rwaldhart@uwlax.edu), Director of the Concert Band (non-auditioned) (MUS 103)

Emails from the Directors to the Music Office (music@uwlax.edu) will suffice to initiate the instrumental loan process. Times to pick up instruments will be posted no later than August 28, 2023. 


Prof. Tammy Fisher tfisher@uwlax.edu

Prof. Martin Gaines mgaines@uwlax.edu

Mr. Ryan Waldhart rwaldhart@uwlax.edu

Department of Music 
Truman T. Lowe Center for the Arts

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

1725 State Street 
La Crosse, WI 54601