History program

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Help shape the future by understanding the past.

Through the study of history, you'll learn about past worlds and the forces that made ours. You'll travel to other times and places through reading and discussion, researching and designing your own projects, as well as studying abroad. Far more than job training, studying history is the beginning of a global education that deepens throughout your life. It gives you greater personal insight and knowledge about your place in the world.

As a student of history at UW-La Crosse, you'll acquire broad skills to apply to diverse careers in all corners of the world. You'll learn to analyze ideas and information, develop original interpretations and express yourself well verbally and in writing.

History jobs

What kind of work can someone with a bachelor's degree in history pursue? It turns out, these graduates can pursue almost anything. History graduates use their broad perspective, curiosity, problem-solving skills, and ability to communicate to pursue diverse fields such as business, government, education, medicine, law and more.

Career opportunities

  • Advertising executive
  • Archivist/museum curator
  • Digital historian
  • Diplomat/foreign service officer
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Journalist
  • Historical consultant
  • K-12 teacher
  • Librarian
  • NGO director
  • Paralegal
  • National park ranger
  • Policy analyst or politician
  • Project manager
  • Public relations, writer/editor
  • Urban planner

Further education

  • Advanced degree for teaching
  • Archival studies
  • Business school
  • Law school
  • Medical school
  • Museum studies
  • Other graduate studies


What distinguishes UWL's History program?

Learning outside of the classroom

In addition to classroom experiences, history students prepare for the real world through activities such as internships, volunteering, and study abroad.

Complements any program and career goal

UWL's program allows students to select from a variety of paths that will complement their future career goals. The program allows for emphasis in a world region, topic, or teacher preparation.

One-on-one advising

Faculty genuinely care about student success. Students meet with faculty advisors one-on-one to discuss career goals, courses, and hands-on opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge.

Scholarships and grants for history students

Scholarships are available specifically for history majors, in addition to numerous other scholarship opportunities outside of history. The university also offers grants of up to $4,000 to full-time and part-time students interested in pursuing their own research with the help of a faculty mentor.

Gain marketable skills for future employment
  • Cross-cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Creative thinking
  • Interpreting, analyzing, and communicating evidence
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving

Areas of study


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Regional Emphasis

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Topical Emphasis

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World History

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