Experience the world at UWL

Learn about past worlds and the forces that made ours. Travel to other times and places through reading, discussion, and study abroad. Far more than job training, studying history is a global education, one that begins at UWL but deepens throughout your life.


  • Complements any program and career goal
  • Allows for emphasis in a world region, topic, or teacher preparation
  • Takes learning outside the classroom
  • Provides cross-cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Underscores the way our future unfolds
    out of the past

Marketable skills

for future employment


one-on-one advising

Broad array
of courses

You benefit by

  • Understanding peoples and societies
  • Learning to think creatively
  • Building skills in interpreting, analyzing, and communicating evidence
  • Preparing for the real world through internships, volunteering, and study abroad
  • Giving yourself an edge over competitors in careers in law, business and finance, medicine, education, journalism, public history, and government service


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