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Spring2010ScholarshipA     Spring2010ScholarshipB

Monica Westrich and Nick Vargosko                 Cory Jacobson and Adam Hughes

Through donations from friends of the department and organizations that recruit our students, the Department of Accountancy supports a large number of deserving accounting majors.

Information about Freshmen Accounting Scholarships:

Freshmen Accounting scholarships are made available each year through the Russell and Vera Smith Foundation. If you are considering attending UW-La Crosse as an accounting major, you are encouraged to apply for a freshman scholarship  BEFORE FEBRUARY 15th OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR.

Students who apply for scholarships must:

  • Apply to UW-La Crosse,
  • Declare Accounting as their major,
  • Have at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and
  • Graduate in the upper 25% of their high school class.

To apply, complete the application process at:  UWL Foundation Sign-Up

Contact the department chair if you have any questions. The scholarship provides support each semester of your freshman and sophomore years. 

Scholarships for Current Accounting Majors:

Information about scholarships for currently enrolled accounting majors will be announced in accounting classes early in the spring semester.  To apply, complete the application process at:  UWL Foundation Sign-Up

The deadline for application is March 1.