Records Management

UW System Records Retention & Disposal Schedules

UW-La Crosse utilizes UW System General Records schedules, which are provided by topic, searchable and listed below the campus-specific links.

Confidential Records Disposal

All university records containing confidential or sensitive information, once their retention periods have lapsed, must be disposed of via the proper procedures to ensure that no information is disclosed to unauthorized individuals. Please see the following links for more information.

Confidential Records Disposal Request Form  (PDF) 

Please review the following:

Confidential Records Disposal Procedures

  1. Point of Contact for disposal procedures: Dan Quam at 785-8642 or  All inquiries regarding retention and storage requirements should be directed to Robin Tuxen at 785-6494 or
  2. These procedures are for the disposal of confidential records only. All other records should be disposed of through non-conventional methods, e.g., recycling. Confidential records may include documents containing the following:
    • Arbitration/Grievance files
    • Contracts containing proprietary or confidential information
    • Credit card numbers (including UWL procurement cards)
    • Employee home address/telephone number
    • Invoices
    • Job applications/search committee materials
    • Medical information
    • Personnel records
    • Records restricted by law (HIPAA, FERPA)
    • Social Security number
  3. There are 2 types of document records:
    • Official Record – The original, official record and it is subject to a records retention schedule.
    • Convenience Copy – A copy of the original record and it is not subject to a retention schedule.  Department copies of such records as Payment to Individual Reports, Extraordinary Payment Requests, Purchase Orders, Recruitment forms (pink sheets), etc. are considered Convenience Copies and may be destroyed when no longer wanted. The originals of those records are maintained by Human Resources and Business Services.
  4. UWL has contracted with a vendor, Iron Mountain, to shred confidential records off-site. Disposal bins are located throughout campus and Iron Mountain services these bins on a regular interval of every 4th Monday. Departments are not charged for this service.
  5. Confidential records may also be disposed of as boxed. These boxes should not be larger than those used to contain copy paper. 
  6. The Confidential Disposal Request Form includes instructions for completing the form and for obtaining records disposal services. The required approvals will be those of the department head and the appropriate UWL administrative office for the record type. This form should be forwarded to Business Services, 125 Graff Main Hall, after department head approval.

Confidential Records Disposal Request Sequence

  1. Department completes the Confidential Records Disposal Request form and this form is reviewed by the appropriate offices to verify confidentiality and retention schedule.
  2. The Form is sent to Business Services, 125 Graff Main Hall.
  3. Records Management forwards a copy of the form to Campus Stores which schedules the records pick-up with the Department.
  4. Campus Stores picks up the records and holds them in a confidential location for Iron Mountain to pick them up for confidential destruction on their next scheduled visit to the campus.