Campus Climate Research

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In fall 2022, the Campus Climate research committee was charged with investigating UWL’s commitment to diversity for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ students as per the results in the 2021 Diverse Learning Environments (DLE) survey, developed by the Higher Education Research Institute. This project aims to define institutional commitment to diversity and gather experiences through story telling from BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ students. This project is supported through funding from the UW System.

The UWL campus climate advisory team is comprised of the following campus representatives:

  • Williem Vanroosenbeek - Director of LGBTQA Services and Programs
  • Nabamita Dutta, Ph.D. - Professor of Economics
  • Grace Engen - Director, Institutional Research, Assessment, & Planning
  • Bryan Kopp, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of English
  • Tara Nelson, Ph.D. - Director for the Center of Transformative Justice
  • Becki Elkins, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Student Affairs Administration
  • Michelle Sylvester - Senior Equity Advisor, School of Education
  • Emily Hammell - Master's student, Student Affairs Administration 
  • Aaron Wainman - Doctoral student, Student Affairs Administration & Leadership

UWL findings can be found in the video recording, executive summary, and quotes document below.