Back where she started

Image of Marissa Eckrote, 2016 Economics graduate.Marissa Eckrote, ‘16, is back on campus this fall as an associate lecturer in the Economics Department. “As soon as the opportunity presented itself,” she says, “I knew it was what I wanted to do this year.”


? Econ2

Over the past 10 years, over 99% of UWL's economics graduates were employed within 6-9 months of graduation. Ninety-two percent of those students were working in jobs related to their major. Recent representative job titles for new graduates in economics from UWL include, financial analyst, accounts specialist, demand planning analyst, general manager, receivership assistant, bank examiner and development program trainee.

Some things you can do with an economics degree...

Actuary      Economist Management Consultant Research Analyst
Auditor Environmental Planner      Market Analyst Sales Analyst
Budget Analyst Financial Analyst Pricing Analyst Stock Broker
Credit Analyst Import/Export Agent Product Manager Statistician
Economic Analyst Loan Officer  Reporter Underwriter

Hear what students are doing after receiving their economics BA