Back where she started

Image of Marissa Eckrote, 2016 Economics graduate.Marissa Eckrote, ‘16, is back on campus this fall as an associate lecturer in the Economics Department. “As soon as the opportunity presented itself,” she says, “I knew it was what I wanted to do this year.”

Data duty 
Alum helps state’s rural healthcare leaders make informed decisions.
Posted: 12 Jul 2017 09:08 AM PDT

From left, Tony Mirasola, ’16, economics and public administration, and Kyle O’Brien, ’09, finance and marketing, both work for the Wisconsin Hospital Association. Mirasola was hired at the WHA Information Center in October 2016 after learning about the career through O’Brien, who has stayed connected to UWL through the Alumni Association Board and the Heathcare Analytics Management Advisory Board.

Cranking up economic exposure

UWL economist earns $400,000 grant to hold workshops, public lectures and more in the field of economics
October 24, 2016

The Search for Economic Justice

Please join us for the opening reception of a new exhibition featuring the photographs and writings of UWL faculty involved in the new multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary, general education course, Search for Economic Justice. The exhibit brings together Archaeology/Anthropology, Economics, English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. Thorugh the lens of photography, viewers will encounter depictions of various aspects of economic justice in photos, while simultaneously posed different questions pertaining to these depictions, prompting reflection and dialogue about  economics and the human side of economic inequality.
The exhibit runs from October 1, 2016 to November 11, 2016.


Betsy Knowles, Economics, one of six UWL faculty members selected for the 2016 Eagle Teaching Excellence Award

“Positive partnering: UW-La Crosse students analyze labor market for area businesses” (November 12, 2015)

Study: Affordable Care Act increasing colonoscopy numbers (December 9. 2015)

UWL partnerships benefit community (April, 16, 2015)

Hear local stories of international women (March 5, 2015)

How will right-to-work impact Wisconsin's economy? (February 24, 2015)

Michael Haupert: College grads boost economy (February 15, 2015) 



ECO Seminar Series

Research Discussions are informal presentations of work in progress or overviews of a body of work with interactive discussion. Research Seminars are formal talks.

Past Seminars

Research Seminar
Wednesday March 13, 2019
3:45pm – 5:00pm - Student Union 3310
Dr. Fidia Farah, UWL, will present: “Wage Polarization and College Attendance”

Research Discussion
Wednesday March 27, 2019
3:45pm – 5:00pm – Wimberly 124
Dr. TJ Brooks, UWL, will present: “Amateur Sports Participation: The Case of Wisconsin Cycling”

Research Discussion
Wednesday April 17,2019
12:00pm – 1:15pm - Wimberly 124
Dr. Abdul Kidwai, University of Massachusetts, will present: “Property Rights and Poaching in Common-Pool Resources: An Experimental Study”

Research Seminar
Wednesday May 1, 2019
3:45pm – 5:00pm – Student Union 3310
Dr. Gregory Givens, University of Alabama, will present: “Unemployment, Partial Insurance, and the Multiplier Effects of Government Spending”


Check out the Economics of Sport Series

Economists bring hard data to tough education policy questions

Nathan Hansen - Oct 21, 2017


Economics of Education - October 19-20, 2017

The Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse is sponsoring a conference on the economics of education. Participants include leading researchers in the economics-of-education field, including Susan Dynarski (University of Michigan), David Jaeger (City University of New York), Christopher Walters (University of California—Berkeley), and Matthew Wiswall (University of Wisconsin—Madison).

The conference is free and open to the public. Conference participants may attend either or both events. Please register in advance to ensure space (includes free parking).

October 19, 2017
Panel Discussion: Transforming Education: The Importance of Cognitive & Non-Cognitive Skill Acquisition to the Workplace
1309 Centennial Hall

The panel discussion will focus on the latest research into the effects of education on the development of children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

October 20, 2017
Economics of Education Sessions
Hall of Nations, Centennial Hall

The sessions will focus on higher education. In particular, the participants will present their research on the following topics:

  • Student loans - Susan Dynarski
  • Tthe economics of internships - David Jaeger
  • The impact of tuition freezes and state funding on enrollment and graduation rates at public universities - Christopher Walters
  • The labor-market returns associated with different college majors - Matthew Wiswall


Past Conferences

Second Annual Financial and Sports Economic Symposium (April 28, 2017)

Symposium on Operations and Economics of Competitive Sports Teams (April 11, 2016)

New Institutional Economics and Economic History Conference (September 25 ,2015)

2019 Scholarship Awards

David M. Cole Award in Economics ( $2,000 each)

  • Samuel Lindner
  • Aaron Lambrecht
  • Maura Andersen
  • Jack Ault

Laura and Joe Bowers Memorial Scholarship ( $575 )

  • Robert Friske

James Prudhome Scholarship in Economics ( $2500 each)

  • Seairra Mortellaro
  • Nolan Gaffney

Maurice and Elizabeth Graff Scholarships -- Economics  ( $2,000 )

  • Allison Thul

2018 Scholarship Awards

David M. Cole Award in Economics ( $2,000 each)

  • Sydney Emmerich
  • Aaron Lambrecht
  • Jacob Sponholt
  • Nathan Tesmer

Laura and Joe Bowers Memorial Scholarship ( $575 )

  • Vanessa Erb

James Prudhome Scholarship in Economics ( $2500 each)

  • Emma Brauer
  • Abby Glaus

Maurice and Elizabeth Graff Scholarships -- Economics  ( $2,000 )

  • Valerie Jones

2017 Scholarship Awards

David M. Cole Award in Economics ( $2,000 each)

  • Quincey Anderson
  • Garrett Kostrova
  • Valerie Jones
  • Haley Klundt

Laura and Joe Bowers Memorial Scholarship ( $550 )

  • Hunter Crispell

James Prudhome Scholarship in Economics

  • Zachary Cowell ( $5000 )
  • Kelli Nieman ( $2500 )

Maurice and Elizabeth Graff Scholarships -- Economics  ( $2,000 )

  • Erika Ward

2016 Scholarship Awards

David M. Cole Award in Economics ( $2,000 each)

  • Quincey Anderson
  • Zachary Cowell
  • Rose Franke
  • Andrew Schroeder

Laura and Joe Bowers Memorial Scholarship ( $625 )

  • Christian Groves

James Prudhome Scholarship in Economics ( $ 5000 )

  • Benjamin Jordan

Maurice and Elizabeth Graff Scholarships -- Economics  ( $2,000 )

  • Haley Klundt

Students in upper-level economics classes will present their final projects in poster sessions. There will also be one keynote research presentation by one of our honors students.

Celebration of Student Inquiry in Critical Thinking - May 4, 2018

Brandon Czuczor: More Money, Less Problems

Emma Brauer: Your Attempt to Stop Went Up In Smoke

Katie Schultz: Physician Shortage: Does Allowing Nurse Practitioner Independence affect Health? 

Sarah Ziolkowski: Health Outcomes When Expediting Healthcare Through Telemedicine

Nathan Tesmer: E-Cigarettes and Smoking Bans

Economics kudos

Nabamita Dutta, Miranda Panzer, Taviare Hawkins and Diana Moran Thundercloud

and Miranda Panzer, International Education & Engagement; received the award for ALANA Phenomenal Womyn's Award at ALANA's Phenomenal Womyn's Dinner on April 19, 2018 in La Crosse, WI. Asian, Latina, African, Native American (ALANA) Womyn's Student Organization recognizes womyn of color and allies for their significant contributions in the community and for their support of the student organization's members.

Submitted on: May 14, 2018

Nabamita Dutta, Taviare Hawkins and Diana Moran Thundercloud

Award recipients at at the ALANA Phenomenal Womyn dinner on April 19, 2018 in La Crosse, WI were:
  • Nabamita Dutta, Economics, and Taviare Hawkins, Physics, — Phenomenal Woyman
  • Diana Moran Thundercloud, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies — Phenomenal Woyman
ALANA (Asian, Latina, African, Native American Womyn Organization) Phenomenal Womyn's dinner is an empowering event held to honor, recognize, and celebrate womyn of color on campus. The theme this year is "SuperWomyn", a matter and category that we believe this year's award recipients belong to and embody. This year's event will honor three very unique professionals for their high caliber internal and external teaching skills, ability to inspire, and other contributions shared with students, UWL, La Crosse community and beyond.

Submitted on: April 26, 2018