Our focus

The primary purpose of the Department of Educational Studies (DES) is to advance teaching and learning while preparing teacher leaders for a global society.

We prepare teacher candidates to become teachers who ground curriculum in the lives of students; who embrace multicultural perspectives and uphold just teaching practices; value academically rigorous curriculum; and are culturally sensitive. 

We prepare students to...

  • Engage in reflection
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Research practice
  • Focus on teaching
  • Engage in service
  • Use technology
  • Create school partnerships
  • Construct knowledge
  • Be globally responsive



Art & Education in Japan

This faculty-led program in Japan will focus on the mission of the School of Education (SOE) “to become a leader in the preparation of globally responsive teachers.” 

This program will offer firsthand cultural and diverse experiences in modern Japan. Examples include preschool, elementary, middle school visits, interacting with and/or teaching to Japanese students, and learning how they learn subjects including the English language (i.e., English as a foreign language) in schools. These experiences will support teacher candidates to develop their knowledge and skills and to apply them in a global context. 

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Application for Admission to
EC-MC, MC-EA, EC-A, and SPE is open!

Information on requirements for admission can be found here.  

Apply for admission here.

Applications accepted in Fall 2019:  Sept. 3-Sept. 20, 2019 
(closes at 4:00 PM Sept. 20)

EC-MC and MC-EA applicants are asked to respond to the prompt "What do you want to accomplish as a teacher?" as part of their application.

SPE applicants are asked to provide a Statement of Intent as part of their application, and must have at least 25 hours of experience with individuals with disabilities to be eligible to apply