Department Chair

Leslie Rogers  Profile of Leslie Rogers  Meet with me  Office hours

Associate Professor
335B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Special Education

Middle Level (Grades 6-8) Professional Development Schools

The Self-Regulated Strategy Development model (Math & Writing Instruction) for Middle-Level Learners

School-Home Communication & Parent-Teacher Relationships


Academic Department Associate

Department people

James Carlson  Profile of James Carlson

Associate Professor
185B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Social Foundations of Education; Multicultural Education; Culturally Relevant Pedagogy; Literacy Studies

Wen-Chiang Chen  Profile of Wen-Chiang Chen  Office hours

Associate Professor
365B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

K-8 Literacy, Teacher Education, Critical Literacy, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Rosalie DeFino  Profile of Rosalie DeFino  Meet with me

Assistant Professor
300C Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Math Education

Teacher Education

Elementary Teaching

Ann Epstein  Profile of Ann Epstein  Office hours

340C Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Early Childhood Education, Montessori

Yuko Iwai  Profile of Yuko Iwai

365A Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

literacy, culturally responsive teaching, multicultural children's literature, multicultural education, teacher education

Lema Kabashi  Profile of Lema Kabashi  Office hours

Associate Professor
300B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Video-Based Instruction
  • Single Subject Research Design

    • Multiple Baseline Design

      • Across Behaviors, Across Participants, Across Settings​

    • A-B- and A-B-A-B Design 

    • Parallel Design

  • Computer Skills  

    • Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint​

  • Learning Management Systems

    • D2L, BlackBoard

  • Technology 

    • Animoto​, VoiceThread, EdPuzzle, Google Drive/Site, Populr, TodaysMeet, Padlet, Wix, Skype, Camtasia, Jing, Screencast, YouTube Channel, PowToon, Pear Deck, Glogster, iMovie

Valerie Krage  Profile of Valerie Krage  Meet with me  Office hours

Teaching Associate Professor
340A Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Early childhood education, family engagement in education, impact of poverty on development and learning.

Heather Linville  Profile of Heather Linville  Office hours

320 Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Dr. Linville's main research areas are digital storytelling as translanguaging, advocacy for English learners (ELs), language teacher education, and language ideologies.

Heidi Masters  Profile of Heidi Masters  Meet with me  Office hours

Associate Professor
300E Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Science Education

Deanna Maynard  Profile of Deanna Maynard  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
185A Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Special Education - Behavior Disorders

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports 

Early/Middle Childhood Literacy

Melissa McGraw  Profile of Melissa McGraw  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
300D Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Special education; Literacy; Multilingual learners; Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Pedagogy; Teacher education

Matt McParker  Profile of Matt McParker  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
325B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Social Studies Education

Multicultural Education

Mid-Level Education

Lisa Pitot  Profile of Lisa Pitot  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
300A Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Science Methods, Assessment, Science Literacy, and Science Communication. Place-based / Project-based learning, and using Socio-scientific Issues to teach Science. 

Dawn Rouse  Profile of Dawn Rouse  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
340B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Early Childhood Education, Vygotsky, Social Cognition, Embodied Play, Reggio Emilia, Infant and Toddler Curriculum, R.I.E , Administration & Accreditation of Child Care Programs

J.C. Wagner-Romero  Profile of J.C. Wagner-Romero  Office hours

Assistant Professor
160B Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Multiculturalism, Social Justice Education, Race and Ethnic Relations, Privilege and Intersectionality, Latinx & Undocumented Student Experiences, International and Global Education, Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Pedagogy

Emeritus Members

  • Burt Altman, Professor, member 1965-1993
  • Barbara Chaney, Assistant Professor, member 1988-2009
  • Ralph Cozad, member 1975-1999
  • Barb Gander, Senior Lecturer, member 2003-2019
  • Kent Koppelman, Professor, member 1979-2007
  • Robert Krajewski, Professor, member 1989-2013
  • Robert Richardson, Associate Professor, member 1990-2009
  • Stuart Robertshaw, member 1974-1998
  • Joyce Shanks, Associate Professor, member 1990-2018
  • Greg Walsko, Associate Professor, member 1988-2013
  • Gary Willhite, Associate Professor, member 2008-2020