Educational Studies

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Department Chair

Adrienne Loh Profile of Adrienne Loh
Epc - Associate Dean (Interim)
4016 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Interim Associate Dean, School of Education, Aug. 2017-present                                                                                                     

Chair: Department of Educational Studies, Sept. 2014-present

Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry: Physical & Biophysical Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy, Peptide & Protein Structure

Academic Department Associate

Lisa Armstrong Profile of Lisa Armstrong
Academic Department Associate
335 Morris Hall

Department people

J. Scott Baker Profile of J. Scott Baker Office hours
Assistant Professor
185A Morris Hall
Specialty areas:
  • Multicultural Education
  • Arts-Based Undergraduate Research
  • Poetic Inquiry
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Foundations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Social Change and Secondary Education
  • Speech & Debate Education/Interscholastic Contests
Alyssa Boardman Profile of Alyssa Boardman Office hours
Assistant Professor
340D Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Elementary Literacy

James Carlson Profile of James Carlson
Assistant Professor
160B Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Literacy Studies; Teacher Inquiry; Teacher Identity

Wen-Chiang Chen Profile of Wen-Chiang Chen Office hours
Associate Professor
365B Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

K-8 Literacy, Teacher Education, Critical Literacy, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Ann Epstein Profile of Ann Epstein
Associate Professor
340C Morris Hall
Specialty areas: Early Childhood Education
Barbara Gander Profile of Barbara Gander
Senior Lecturer
340A Morris Hall
Daniel Green Profile of Daniel Green
160D Morris Hall
Yuko Iwai Profile of Yuko Iwai
Associate Professor
365A Morris Hall
Lema Kabashi Profile of Lema Kabashi
Assistant Professor
300B Morris Hall
Specialty areas: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Single Subject Design, Video-Based Instruction
Heather Linville Profile of Heather Linville Office hours
Assistant Professor
240C Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Dr. Linville's main research areas are advocacy for English learners (ELs), critical language awareness, culturally reponsive pedagogy, standards, and curriculum design.

Roi Kawai Profile of Roi Kawai Office hours
Assistant Professor
160C Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Urban Education, Multicultural Education, Middle Level Education, Social Justice Education, Social Studies/Civic Education, Critical and Poststructural Race Theories, Sociocultural Theory, Education Ethnography, Grounded Theory

Heidi Masters Profile of Heidi Masters
Assistant Professor
300E Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Science Education

Leslie Rogers Profile of Leslie Rogers Office hours
Assistant Professor
300C Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

High Incidence Special Education, Parent Engagement, Formative Assessments/Single Subject Design, Self-Regulation, and Strategy Instruction

Dawn Rouse Profile of Dawn Rouse
Assistant Professor
340B Morris Hall
Specialty areas: Early Childhood Education, Vygotsky, Social Cognition, Embodied Play, Reggio Emilia, Infant and Toddler Curriculum, R.I.E Administration & Accreditation of Child Care Programs
Joyce Shanks Profile of Joyce Shanks
Associate Professor
185B Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Curriculum, Pedagogy, Supervision

Gary Willhite Profile of Gary Willhite Office hours
Associate Professor
320 Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Teacher Leadership, Supervision, English/Language Arts/Literacy

Ann Yehle Profile of Ann Yehle
Assistant Professor
266 Morris Hall
Specialty areas: Middle School, Foundations, Educational Leadership
Carol Zehms Profile of Carol Zehms
300A Morris Hall