Important Application Dates

Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2022 cohort.

Applicants will be notified of admission decisions as soon as an acceptance decision is made. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Year One

Fall 1: REC 701—Philosophical Foundations of Leisure,
Play and Recreation
Fall 2: REC 731—Data Evaluation and Management
Spring 1: REC 520—Revenue Management in Recreation Enterprises
Spring 2:  REC 732—Human Development and Group Dynamics
Summer 1: REC 733—Diversity and Social Justice in Recreation
Summer 2: REC 734—Experience Management


Year Two

Fall 1: REC 735—Management Topics in Recreation and Leisure Services
Fall 2: REC 736—Collaborative Approaches to Recreation
and Leisure Service Delivery
Spring 1: REC 737—Contemporary Issues in Recreation Management
Spring 2:  REC 738—Capstone Seminar in Recreation Management