Due to COVID-19, our physical office is closed. However, all classes will be held online and instructors and staff are working remotely. We recommend email or Canvas to reach instructors and email or phone for departmental business.

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  • Templates for paper course posters (Word)
  • Templates for Video Screen course poster slides (Powerpoint -- click to download, enter course information and preferred images.  Save and submit as Powerpoint slides, or save as 150 dpi at 20" x 11.25" image file).
Completely blank template, in the correct dimensions and resolution:
  •  Travel authorization form / Campus Absence:

All UWL faculty and instructional academic staff (IAS) who are traveling domestically or internationally on university funds for business-related campus absences are required by UW System policy to receive supervisor pre-approval for travel. This preapproval (that replaces the “old” campus absence procedures) is initiated within the e-reimbursement system (by the traveler or the ADA depending on department decision – under “Create a Travel Authorization”) and department chair approves. Link.