Department Chair

John Grider  Profile of John Grider  Office hours

401A Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Maritime history, Labor & Working-class history, Native American history, and history of the American West

Academic Department Associate

Shannon Suddeth  Profile of Shannon Suddeth  Office hours

Academic Department Associate
401 Wimberly Hall

Department people

Ariel Beaujot  Profile of Ariel Beaujot

Associate Professor
403A Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Public History, World History, European History, British History, Fashion, Material Culture, Gender Studies

Deborah Buffton  Profile of Deborah Buffton  Office hours

403H Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

My specialty areas include modern French and Chinese history, as well as the effects of war on society, the ways societies remember and memorialize peace and war, and peace movements.

Mark Chavalas  Profile of Mark Chavalas  Office hours

403D Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Ancient Near East, Classical, Biblical, archaeology

Penelope Hardy  Profile of Penelope Hardy  Office hours

Assistant Professor
403I Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

History of science and technology, especially technologies of ocean science. 

Gerald Iguchi  Profile of Gerald Iguchi

Associate Professor
403P Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Japanese History, Asian History, and World History; Cultural Studies; Buddhism and other Religions

Shuma Iwai  Profile of Shuma Iwai

Associate Lecturer
224C Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

World History, Asian History, Asian American Studies, Religion, Intercultural Studies, Race and Media

Barbara Kooiman  Profile of Barbara Kooiman

403I Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

My area of academic specialization is architectural history, historic preservation, cultural resources management and other aspects of public history such as museology and consulting. 

Kyle Lincoln  Profile of Kyle Lincoln  Office hours

Associate Lecturer
402 Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Medieval History

Ecclesiastical History

Canon Law

Religious Institutions of Pre-Modern Europe

James Longhurst  Profile of James Longhurst  Office hours

403F Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

public policy, urban environmental history, transportation and bicycle history, and the social and cultural history of modern America

Víctor Macías-González  Profile of Víctor Macías-González  Office hours

403J Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Latin American, Mexican, Latinx histories and history of gender and sexuality.  Focus on nineteenth-century Mexico, especially the Porfiriato (1876-1911). Interests include diplomacy, transnational migration, Mexican diaspora, consumption and material culture, masculinity, Latin@s in the Midwest, and the homophile movement.

Gita Pai  Profile of Gita Pai

Associate Professor
403L Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Early modern and modern South Asian history, social and cultural history, transnational Hinduism, religion and politics, material culture and visual studies, gender and women's studies, and post-colonial literature

Hanadi Shatara  Profile of Hanadi Shatara  Office hours

403G Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Social Studies Education

Global Education

Teacher Education

Kenneth Shonk  Profile of Kenneth Shonk  Office hours

Associate Professor
403C Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Modern Ireland, History of Rock 'n' Roll, Social Studies Education, World History

Patricia Stovey  Profile of Patricia Stovey

Assistant Professor
403E Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Regional Director, National History Day
Tiffany Trimmer  Profile of Tiffany Trimmer

Assistant Professor
403B Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

World History, Migration History, How La Crosse Connects to World History, British Empire 19th-20th C., Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Historical Contextualization Skills)

Executive Director, UWL Oral History Program

Jennifer Trost  Profile of Jennifer Trost  Office hours

Associate Professor
336A Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

History of Identity Theft and Impersonation; Swindling; History of Identification and Surveillance Policy; White-Collar Crime; Juvenile Justice Policy

Emeritus Faculty

Jean Helliesen

Jess Hollenback

Charles Lee

Gary Kuhn

Curtis Kang

Bruce Mouser

James Parker

William Pemberton

James Potts

Shelley Sinclair

Richard Snyder

Gregory P. Wegner

Martin Zanger