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A page within IACUC

AAALAC_accreditation_sealThe utilization of animals in teaching and research has long been recognized as a valuable asset for providing and demonstrating informative scientific data in the biological and medical fields. Included in this recognition is the responsibility for providing humane care and treatment of these animals. This responsibility is both an ethical and scientific necessity and each person involved in using animals shares in this responsibility. Animals used in teaching and research is a privilege which should not be abused.

The Animal Care and Use Program at UWL is committed to the highest standards of research and recognizes that laboratory animals must receive the best possible care, not only to obtain valid research data, but to ensure the health and safety of animals, researchers, and animal caretakers.

The Animal Care and Use Program is fully accredited by AAALAC International and is managed in accordance with the Guide, the Animal Welfare Regulations and the PHS Policy.