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Reporting concerns

A page within IACUC


The University recognizes that it is a privilege to use animals in research and welcomes any information which would aid our efforts to assure the humane care of research and teaching animals used at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

Any person who witnesses any mistreatment of animals or violation of approved protocols or animal welfare regulations is encouraged to report their concerns. No adverse action will be taken against anyone making a report.

Federal Law protects the identity of a “Whistleblower”

The following is a list of ways you may report your concerns:

  • Speak with the PI, Instructor, IACUC Chair, Attending Veterinarian, or Facility Manager
  • IACUC Administrator / Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Research Integrity Officer / Provost's Office
  • Email your concerns to the IACUC at
  • Complete the form found outside of the Facility Manager’s Office
  • Anonymous Reports can be submitted by completing the on-line form found here:

Regardless of the way you decide to report your concerns about animal welfare issues, your name will remain confidential and without reprisal. Your concerns will be forwarded to the IACUC Chair and the Attending Veterinarian for evaluation of the situation and the welfare of the animals will immediately be assessed. A complete report of the incident will then go to the IACUC for review and the appropriate action will be taken.