Introduction to Canvas

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Learn Canvas

Accessing courses expanding section
  • WINGS courses begin loading into Canvas 60 days before start of term.
  • A newly created/enrolled WINGS course could take up to 24-48 hrs to appear.
  • Create a Master Course anytime!
    • These are used as shells/sandboxes to set up course content before SIS courses are in Canvas.
    • Once SIS courses are loaded, import content from Master Course.

Student enrollment status. Active vs inactive?

Adding a new teacher? They need to login to Canvas first to activate their account and then can be added to course. 

Creating a Master Course (shell/sandbox course) expanding section

Canvas > Help > Create a Master Course

  1. Click the Help button at the bottom of the Global Navigation on the left.
  2. Click Create a Master Course.
  3. Enter Course Name, Course Code, and Select Department from drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Create Course.
  5. Click Let's Go! to start adding content.
Master course location image.
Student list- names, email & person ID expanding section

On the right side of your home page, click on New Analytics.

There is a download button under the Course Grade section that downloads a CSV zip file with the students name and email as well as their ID if you would need that for anything (Akindi, iClicker). 

New analytics button location Course email name list


Submitting course grades to WINGS expanding section



WINGS grading: Deb Peterson or Victoria Rahn
Canvas grading schemes: Stephanie Speer

If you contact these individuals after hours or on the weekend, you will likely not get a response until the next business day.

Help Your Students expanding section

Here are a few questions students might ask you about technology and resources/answers you can give them.

Student Question: How can I learn more about Canvas?
Instructor Answer: Check out this Canvas orientation course

Student Question: What is my Person ID? 
Instructor Answer: Here is a help article on how to find your Person ID. (Used for Akindi and iClicker).

Student Question: How do I know when things happen in Canvas? 
Instructor Answer: You can adjust your notifications in Canvas.

Student QuestionHow do I get text messages about Canvas things? 
Instructor Answer: You can add a mobile number and adjust your notifications in Canvas

Student Question: How do I see feedback on my assignment? 
Instructor Answer: You can see your assignment and feedback

Student Question: I need some help using Canvas
Instructor Answer: Students have their own 24/7/365 Canvas Support they can chat, email or call using the help icon in Canvas.