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Learn to think globally. 

In an age when people and places worldwide are a click away, learning how to think beyond borders is invaluable. Having cross-cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills will put you a step ahead of the competition as you pursue any career field. 

UWL's International & Global Studies minor focuses on unifying humans from all cultural, historic, social, geographic, and religious backgrounds. It is an interdisciplinary minor that draws on courses in departments throughout the university. Students can explore a topic that spans multiple regions of the wider world or focus on a particular region.  

The minor comprises a 6-credit foundation with 12 credits of elective courses. The elective courses were chosen for their fit with the International & Global Studies program learning outcomes, their relatively limited prerequisites, and because the departments offering these courses have indicated they will offer this course regularly.

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What can you do after UWL?

You may want to start by checking out the resources provided by the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs. APSIA offers information about graduate schools and programs from around the world, an international career guide, and information about fellowships and scholarships.