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INS 350 Cr.1-6

Independent International Research

An individually designed, directed research project in an international setting, dealing with a significant research problem. Open to students in any department, the course permits in-depth, independent research using international sources, facilities, and resource persons. Requires a high degree of motivation and the ability to work independently. Prerequisite: junior standing; consent from the director of the Office of International Education & Engagement. Consent of department. Offered Occasionally.

INS 360 Cr.1-3

International Service Learning

Students will participate in service activities in another country as part of a faculty led study program. The activities may range from painting facilities to serving as conversational English partners. Students must engage in 15 hours of service activity, assigned readings, and write 3-5 formal pages or equivalent per credit. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Offered Fall, Spring.

INS 450 Cr.1-6

International Internship

An academically relevant, professional field experience in a foreign country. Students must be approved and advised by the Office of International Education. Determination of relevancy shall be made by the Office of International Education with the advice and consent of the Director of International Studies curriculum. Students are responsible for finding an appropriate faculty advisor to supervise and grade the internship. Language proficiency must be demonstrated where applicable. Students must be on their internship worksite during the semester for which they are registered for academic credit. One credit/35 hours of experience. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: junior standing; 2.75 cumulative GPA or consent of the Office of International Education and INS Program. Offered Occasionally.

INS 494 Cr.3

Engaging Global Challenges and Opportunities

Using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives, students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the international studies program to contemporary global challenges and opportunities. This includes asking complex questions about others, and taking responsible and informed positions on how to address global challenges and opportunities today. Prerequisite: one of the following: ANT 202, GEO 202, HIS 202, POL 202, SOC 202, ANT 212, ECO 212, ENG 212, PHL 212, POL 212; senior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

INS 495 Cr.3

Independent Study in International Studies

Supervised, independent study on a topic in international studies which is not accommodated by other courses in the university curriculum. Students design individual plans of study in consultation with appropriate faculty. Consent of instructor. Offered Fall, Spring.

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