Information for faculty and staff

How can I get involved as faculty and/or staff?

  1. Make referrals

    Faculty and staff referrals are an important part of our recruiting plan. You can e-mail us or use the Referral Form, or call our office at 608.785.6913.

  2. Help us build relationships with your department and professional societies

    It will be of critical importance for our Scholars to connect with the student and/or diversity caucuses in your professional societies.

  3. Invite us to talk to an upper level class about graduate school

    We hope that you will consider us a resource for helping your students learn more about the graduate school application process and the rigors of graduate study.

  4. Become a faculty mentor

    Each year, we will invite faculty members from a variety of disciplines to serve as McNair Faculty Mentors who partner with our Scholars to assist them with the design and completion of their summer research proposals. Use our Research Request Form to share projects on which you would like to partner with a McNair Scholar. Our office will contact you if a Scholar expresses interest in your project.

    Yessie and Dr. Miller   Dewayne and Dr. Sloan

  5. I have a student in mind, but am not sure if he/she qualifies for services.

    Even if you are not sure that a student will qualify for McNair services, please refer them to us. Our program staff will contact the student to discuss eligibility and make an eligibility determination. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT A STUDENT IS INELIGIBLE WITHOUT TALKING TO SOMEONE IN OUR OFFICE! Many students who do not expect to qualify based on income are surprised by the income levels established by the Department of Education.

  6. I have a student in mind, but they are not necessarily planning to attend UW-La Crosse for graduate school. Can they still apply to the program?

    The McNair Scholars program is not specifically aimed at students who would attend one of UWL’s graduate programs; it prepares students for graduate school in general and does not focus on a single graduate institution. Students in the program will be provided individual assistance to specifically tailor their application strategy to meet their graduate school goals. McNair Scholars will be given fee waivers for graduate school applications and will be expected to apply to at least 5 graduate programs. We are especially eager to assist students who are flexible about where they study.

  7. I think I know a student who would be a good fit for the program. How can I refer them?

    Faculty and staff referrals are an important part of our recruiting plan. You can e-mail us at, use the Referral Form, or call our office at 608.785.6913.

  8. What are the benefits of becoming a McNair Faculty Mentor?

    Becoming a McNair Faculty Mentor carries with it some fantastic privileges. First and foremost, there is the opportunity to work directly with a student who has already been vetted, and who is engaged in the process. What’s more, the populations of students you’ll work with provide you with a way to directly assist UWL in meeting its Inclusive Excellence goals. In addition, we provide our Faculty Mentors with a $1000 honorarium and the opportunity to travel to a regional conference to present your findings.

    If you are selected to serve as a McNair Faculty Mentor, you will participate in an interdisciplinary research experience with colleagues from a variety of disciplines on campus, while also fostering the development of the next generation of academics.

  9. How can I get the help of a McNair Scholar on a research project/scholarly activity I’ve undertaken?

    Fill out our McNair Research Request Form to find a Scholar who would like to work on your project with you!

    By all means, please contact our office if you have a research/scholarly project in which our Scholars could participate! These partnerships will be critical to our program’s initial and continued success. Conversely, if you know of students currently conducting independent research in your department or discipline, the McNair Program may be able to greatly enhance that experience.

    McNair staff can also help you identify students within your program with the potential to be independent researcher/scholars. We have an intensive application and interview process, and we accept only the best and brightest of our applicants. One of the best ways to ensure that you benefit from a quality McNair Scholar is to refer students from your discipline to our program. Students who have completed previous undergraduate research or other scholarly projects in your department are strongly encouraged to apply.

    In 2017-2018, we are eager to accept students with at least sophomore standing up to seniors who are graduating no sooner than December 2018. We are interested in students who have already completed undergraduate research, so that we can help them further develop their presentation skills, and assist them with the rigorous graduate school application and GRE prep process. We may even be able to provide them with the opportunity to present their findings at a regional conference.

  10. What are the other resources on campus for students considering graduate study?
    The Career Services Office (1140 Centennial Hall) is also an excellent resource for students: they can assist students with their applications, personal statements, and provide them with contacts on campus and in the community. Additionally, the Graduate Studies Office (223 Graff Main Hall) has very useful information for students hoping to continue their graduate education at UWL. Students can find out more about the other undergraduate research opportunities on campus by visiting the Office of Undergraduate Research.