Symphony Orchestra
Dr. Cullan Lucas, Conductor

Orchestral Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse consists of the Symphony Orchestra, and four chamber music ensembles: the Chancellor’s String Quartet, the Hoeschler String Quartet, the Cordeiro Woodwind Quintet and the Symphonic Brass Quintet.


The Symphony Orchestra at UWL is committed to performing relevant, contemporary literature reflecting the diversity of its members while also creating moving performances of masterworks of the orchestral repertoire. This ensemble is open to all university students by audition as well as community members. Its goal is to provide students and the surrounding community with rich and rewarding experiences through at least two concerts each semester and often participates in collaborative efforts across the community. The Symphony Orchestra rehearses Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in CFA 56.

2018 Audition Info:

Auditions for both the Orchestra and the Wind Ensemble will be held as follows: 

  • Please click the applicable link below to sign up for an audition time:
  • Download and print your audition music PDF file (below) and bring to your audition. Prepare the excerpt marked in the PDF file.
  • Auditions will consist of:
    • The prepared excerpt
    • Short sight reading selection
    • 1 minute selection of student’s choice (etude, solo, excerpt of choice)    
  • Violins and Violas: You may choose between the two listed excerpts from Borodin's Symphony No. 3 or Brian Balmages' Summer Dances.
  • Percussionists: You should bring one of the following: mallet solo, timpani solo, or snare drum solo.
  • Incoming Students: You need to register for either Orchestra or Wind Symphony when you do your Orientation and Registration Day visit. If you are not registered yet, we will help you when the Fall semester begins!
  • Preparation Notes:
    • Many reference recordings are available via YouTube of the excerpts original material. Incorporate them into your preparation.
    • Ideal tempi are marked, but it is better to be under tempo, clean, and controlled rather than fast and sloppy.
    • This should be viewed as a chance for the director to get to know your playing style and strengths, not a high stakes, stressful exercise. Enjoy the preparation!

 2018 Audition Materials:

Click Here for Audition Cuts Measure Numbers