Welcome to SEMB Registration! Please follow the four steps below. We recommend that you complete the steps in order, but you are able to do them out of order with the exception of step three which requires step two to be completed first. Steps one, two, and three should be completed by August 1st, and step four must be completed before you come to band camp.


Prerequisite: Admission to UWL, Western Tech, or Viterbo. 

In addition to being a student organization, marching band is also classified as a UWL class that is taken for course credit. Therefore, your first step is to enroll in the course.  All students taking marching band for credit must enroll in MUS 100 or higher!

If you are a Western Tech or Viterbo student, or you are a UWL student who does not wish to take the course for credit, please email the director to indicate this, then continue to step two.

Incoming UWL freshman: You can enroll in the course at your freshman registration date in June. When you meet with your program advisor, simply indicate that you would like to take the MUS 100 class, and it will be registered for you along with your other fall course selections.

Returning/Transfer UWL students: You can enroll in the MUS 100 course during your online class registration in WINGS. If you have questions, please see your academic adviser. If you have taken MUS 100 before, you can to sign up for the level correlating to the number of years you have taken the course.

Once you are enrolled in the class (or have emailed the director), continue on to step two!


The next step involves some measuring! For most sections, we need to get some of your body measurements in order to properly fit you for a uniform. If you are a member of the color guard, poms, or twirlers, you are exempt from this step, and you can go ahead and proceed to step three. (your section leader will help you get fitted for your section's uniform later on)

All the measurements we need (and how to get them) are in the below PDF file.

Click Here For The SEMB Uniform Measurement Instructions

If you have questions about how to collect a certain measurement, contact one of the Uniform Managers.

Once you have collected and recorded your measurements, continue to step three!


Prerequisite: Uniform measurements from step two have been taken. (unless exempt)

The third step is to complete our Member Info form. This form will allow us to collect some information about you, including the measurements you took in step two. Please submit this form only once, as multiple submissions will create duplicate entries for you on our registration roster. If you have questions or need to change an entry after you submit the form, please email us.

Click Here To Fill Out The Member Info Form

After you've submitted the form, proceed to step four!


You're almost there! The final step is to complete a health form. Everyone participating in the SEMB must complete a health form. Please print out the form, complete it, staple or clip the two pages together, and bring it with you to band camp so you can turn it in at check-in on Sunday. This form will be kept on file should an emergency arise during the season. If you will be under the age of 18 at the start of the season, you'll also need to have a parent or guardian sign the form.

Click Here To Open The SEMB Health Form


That's It!

Once you've completed all four steps, all you need to do is show up at UWL for band camp on your section's start day (see the camp Start Dates & Schedule) and we'll go from there. 

Between now and band camp, please look over the four band camp webpages for lots of good information as well as the Schedule page so you can start putting our performances dates into your calendar.

Also, expect to receive a few emails from the director and your section leader over July & August at your school email address (See the first FAQ for information on how to activate your email account).

If you have any questions, please email your section leader or email semb@uwlax.edu.

We look forward to seeing you at band camp in August!