Location of Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Residence Halls

All Gender Restrooms are located in the basement
of the residence halls unless otherwise indicated. 

  • Angell
  • Coate
  • Drake
  • Hutchison
  • Laux
  • Reuter (Main Floor)
  • Eagle Hall (Main Floor)
  • Sanford
  • Wentz
  • White

Academic Buildings

Office of Residence Life (2 restrooms)
Cartwright Center* (2 restrooms) *Cartwright Center is currently not in use.

  • Lower level: in between The Cellar and the Diversity Center
  • Second Floor (mezzanine): by the Student Association Office

Student Union (4 restrooms)

  • One All Gender Restroom is located on each floor: on the north side of the building 

Centennial Hall (4 restrooms)

  • One All Gender Restroom  on each floor: on the east end of the northern hallway

Cowley Hall of Science (2 restrooms)

  • Main entrance to the 3rd-floor faculty offices at the first corner

Graff Main Hall

  • On the 2nd floor, northeast corner of the building

Murphy Library

  • In the lower level 

Recreational Eagle Center (2 restrooms)

  • By the southern entrance (Badger Street), opposite of the weight room
  • Next to the men's locker room entrance, All Gender Restroom with shower

Veterans Memorial Field Sport Complex

  • By other restroom facilities in the building