Friendly Faces @ UWL

A page within Pride Center

The following is a list of LGBTQ+ friendly faculty, staff, or administration at UWL. These individuals have agreed to have their contact information listed to be a resource to students. These folxs can be someone in a department that students can reach out to, talk with, or seek support from.

Are you an LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, or administrator? Are your actions those of an ally or an accomplice? If you do and want to be added to our list, please go to your profile page and select the I'm an LGBTIQQAAA ally - "UWL friendly faces"

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Amanda Abrahamson Student Life Specialist | Student Life Office

John Acardo CHRO & Human Resources Director | Human Resources

Jon Ailabouni Teaching Assistant Professor | Music

Robert Allen Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Angel Allen Multicultural Admissions Cnslr | Admissions

Ri Allenby Instrumentation Engineer I | Physics

Nicholas Ames Police Officer II | University Police Services

Joseph Anderson Professor | Theatre and Dance

Meki Aneke Retention Specialist | Multicultural Student Services

David Annino Teaching Associate Professor | Information Systems

Jeremy Arney Assistant Professor | Political Science Public Admin

Kelly Arnost Academic Department Associate | English

Christine Ascencio Assistant Professor | Management

Nicholas Bakken Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Karolyn Bald Director of Intl Edu & Engagement | Int'l Education & Engagement

Nic Barilar Assistant Professor | Theatre and Dance

Dustin Barton Police Officer II | University Police Services

Bianca Basten Assistant Professor | Psychology

Tracie Bateman Math Specialist | Student Support Services

Douglas Baumann Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Marjorie Bazluki Teach, Learn, & Tech Specialist II | Center for Adv Teach and Learn

Issy Beach Student Wellness Coordinator | Student Life Office

Robyn Beahm Advisor | Student Support Services

Pearl Bearhart Business Manager | Information Technology Svcs

Ariel Beaujot Professor | History

Judith Becker Lecturer | English

Colin Belby Professor | Geography And Earth Science

Joshua Bench Pre-Health Student Res Coordinator | Academic Advising Center

Faith Bergin Student Life Office Manager | Student Life Office

Alexis Bergstrom Complex Director | Residence Life

Cynthia Berlin Professor | Geography And Earth Science

Sueanne Bethauser Veterans Services Coordinator | Records & Registration

Basudeb Bhattacharyya Teaching Associate Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

AJ Bierwirth Administrative Assistant. II | Int'l Education & Engagement

Melissa Bingham Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Diane Block Lecturer | Educational Studies

Tracie Blumentritt Professor | Psychology

Nilakshi Borah Associate Professor | Finance

Beth Boser Associate Professor | Communication Studies

Karen Brandt Academic Department Associate | Management

Bonnie Bratina Associate Professor | Microbiology

Richard Breaux Associate Professor | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Jordan Brick International Programs Manager | Int'l Education & Engagement

Rose Brougham Associate Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Cord Brundage Assistant Professor | Biology

Marcus Buchholz Financial Manager | University Advancement

Malachi Buhler Police Officer I | University Police Services

Joan Bunbury Professor | Geography And Earth Science

Kyle Burke University Centers Director | University Centers

Anne Burkhalter Lecturer | Educational Studies

Carla Burkhardt CSH Academic Services Director | Dean's Office-CSH

Jennifer Butler Modaff Associate Professor | Communication Studies

Patricia Campbell Clinical Associate Prof | Health Professions - PA

James Carlson Associate Professor | Educational Studies

Melanie Cary Associate Professor | Psychology

Matthew Cashion Professor | English

Crystal Champion Counseling Services Director | Counseling & Testing Center

Tammy Chandler Lecturer | Educational Studies

Stellina Chapman Lecturer | Communication Studies

Gargi Chaudhuri Professor | Geography And Earth Science

Ericka Check Lecturer | Psychology

Renee Chrz Marketing Coordinator | Extended Learning

Ary Clarke Lecturer | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Sierra Colavito Associate Professor | Biology

Michelle Collyar Teaching Assistant Professor | Theatre and Dance

Caleb Colon-Rivera Administrative Assistant III | Diversity & Inclusion

Kaylie Connaughty Web & Graphic Designer | University Advancement

Laurie Cooper Stoll Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Chase Cormier Lecturer | Global Cultures & Languages

Benjamin Cornforth Office Operations Associate | Academic Affairs

Virginia Crank Professor | English

I am an ally to any LGBTQQIAAP+ students.

Elizabeth Crosby Associate Professor | Marketing

Susan Crutchfield Associate Professor | English

Tushar Das Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Ask me about Womxn and Minorities in Mathematics (WaMM)!!!

Justin Davis Assistant Professor | Music

Ally for all. Love is Love is Love is Love...

Leah Davis Academic Program Specialist | School of Education

Taiyani Davis Multicultural Admissions Cnslr | Admissions

Kayleigh Day Lecturer | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Rosalie DeFino Assistant Professor | Educational Studies

Tara Delong Teaching Associate Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Teresa DePratt Psychologist, D&I Liaison | Counseling & Testing Center

Karen DeSchepper Financial Aid Associate | Financial Aid Office

Dane DeVetter Laboratory Supervisor | Global Cultures & Languages

Linda Dickmeyer Professor | Communication Studies

David Dies Assistant Professor | Music

Corinne Dillman Academic Advisor | Academic Advising Center

Robert Dixon Associate Professor | Psychology

Brad Dobbs Lecturer | Management

Ashley Dobrogosz Teaching Assistant Professor | Theatre and Dance

Sara Docan-Morgan Professor | Communication Studies

Jennifer Docktor Professor | Physics

Hanna Dovalina Grad Writing Consult/Program Manager | Student Affairs Administration

Adam Driscoll Associate Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Amber Dunn Head Coach - Volleyball | Athletics

Karen Durnin Student Records & Curr Specialist I | Career Services

Nabamita Dutta Professor | Economics

Marissa Eckrote-Nordland Assistant Professor | Economics


Ashley Edwards Associate Professor | Communication Studies

Becki Elkins Associate Professor | Student Affairs Administration

I identify as queer.

Graciela Engen Director of Institutional Research | Institutional Research

Andrew Ericson Sustainability Program Manager | University Centers

Stewart Eskew Teaching Assistant Professor | Philosophy

Katherine Evans Associate Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Jon Evans Teaching Assistant Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Garrett Ewing Front Desk Coordinator | Career Services

Luke Fannin Student Support Services Specialist | Student Support Services

Kyle Farris Writer & Editor | University Advancement

Shanna Felix Assistant Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Tammy Fisher Associate Professor | Music

Erin Flottmeyer Academic Advising Manager | Dean's Office-CBA

Samantha Foley Associate Professor | Computer Science

Kelsey Foss Donor Relations Coordinator | University Advancement

Jane Fredrick Academic Department Associate | Psychology

Katie Fries Administrative Assistant I | School of Education

Steven Fulton GIS Lab Manager | Geography And Earth Science

Tyler Gabbard-Rocha Lecturer | Global Cultures & Languages

Ignacio Gabbard-Rocha Financial Aid Officer | Financial Aid Office

Anne Galbraith Associate Professor | Biology

Merideth Garcia Associate Professor | English

Amanda Gasper Student Aff Program Coordinator | Financial Aid Office

Darlene Geiger Advising Manager | Student Support Services

Denise Geiwitz Gift Administration Coordinator | University Advancement

Angela Gelatt Lecturer | Public/Community Health Edu

Adrianne Gelbach Lecturer | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Whitney George Associate Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Naoko Giblin Associate Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Naoko Giblin Associate Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Lisa Giddings Associate Professor | Economics

Charles Gilbert Testing Coordinator & Office Manager | Counseling & Testing Center

Bill Gillespie Lecturer | Inst For Prof Studies In Educ

Cordial Gillette Associate Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Laura Godden Assistant Professor | Murphy Library

Regina Goodnow Associate Professor | Political Science Public Admin

Matt Gordy Career Development Coordinator | Career Services

Megan Gosse McNair Scholars Program Coordinator | McNair Program

Joe Gow Chancellor | Chancellor's Office

Mary Grattan Executive Assistant I | Dean's Office-CBA

Dyllan Griepentrog Admissions Counselor | Admissions

Daniel Grilley Associate Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nicole Gullekson Professor | Management

Tammy Haakenson Financial Aid Associate | Financial Aid Office

Ben Haenni Teaching Associate Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Ben Hamburger Lecturer | History

Mary Hamman Professor | Economics

Ye Han Assistant Professor | Information Systems

Penelope Hardy Assistant Professor | History

Laurie Harmon Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Karen Hart Teaching Professor | English


Patricia Hart Lecturer | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Christopher Hathaway Assistant Professor | Music

Kathleen Hawkes Associate Professor | Art

Reg Hawkins Complex Director | Residence Life

Beck Hawkins Pre-Health Advisor | Career Services

Shelley Hay Associate Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Dawn Hays Campus Child Center Director | Campus Child Center

Sara Heaser Teaching Associate Professor | English

Ali Hengel Competitive Sports Coordinator | Recreational Eagle Center

Margaret Henning Academic Advisor | Student Support Services

Like almost all things, my gender identity/sexuality is very fluid. I identify as queer and gender non-conforming.

Teresa Hepler Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Kyle Herberg Academic Advisor | Academic Advising Center

Joshua Hertel Associate Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Margot Higgins Teaching Associate Professor | Environmental Studies

Christine Hippert Professor | Archaeology & Anthropology

Teri Holford Associate Professor | Murphy Library

Heidi Hudson Scheduling/Registration Coordinator | Records & Registration

Heather Hulett Associate Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Spencer Hulsey Outreach Program Specialist | Extended Learning

Elizabeth Humrickhouse Assistant Professor | Murphy Library

Joe Hurley Lecturer | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Sean Hurtubise Administrative Supervisor | Murphy Library

Andrew Ives Director of ACCESS Center | ACCESS Center

Jenna Ives Major Gifts Specialist | University Advancement

Shuma Iwai Assistant Professor | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Charissa Jakusz Assistant Dean of Students | Student Life Office

Jackie Jensen-Utz Major Gifts Officer | University Advancement

Thomas Jesse Associate Professor | English

Ashley Jochimsen Counselor | Counseling & Testing Center

Scott Johns Admissions Associate Director (B) | Admissions

Rebecca Johnson Training Coordinator | Counseling & Testing Center

SONA KAZEMI Assistant Professor | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

I am also an access friendly and Disability ally!

Anna Keefe Associate Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Jeff Keenan Recreational Sports Director | Recreational Eagle Center

Jeffrey Kerkman Videographer | University Advancement

Christa Kiersch Associate Professor | Management

Edward Kim Associate Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

No matter who you are, how you express yourself, or whom you love, I want you to thrive in your education. You belong here.

Tisha King-Heiden Professor | Biology

Janet Kirsch Associate Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Lindsey Kirschbaum Teaching Assistant Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Barrett Klein Professor | Biology

Jennifer Klein Professor | Biology

Lisa Klein Community Engagement Coordinator | University Advancement

Tommy Knoche Administrative Assistant II | Admissions

Susanne Koehler Classified/Retired | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Kenneth Koelbl Admissions Counselor | Admissions

Kristin Koepke CATL Director | Center for Adv Teach and Learn

Amanda Kolbe Assistant Professor | Theatre and Dance

Heather Konichek Police Dispatcher | University Police Services

Bryan Kopp Associate Professor | English

Katherine Kortenkamp Associate Professor | Psychology

Jennifer Kosiak Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Amanda Krafft Pgrm Crd for Cvc Engmt & Ldrsp | University Centers

Valerie Krage Teaching Associate Professor | Educational Studies

Lisa Kruse Associate Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice


Brian Kumm-Schaley Associate Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Karl Kunkel CASSH - Dean | Dean's Office-CASSH

I am a straight male who believes everyone should have equal rights.

Saby Labor Lecturer | Student Affairs Administration

I identify as lesbian, queer, gender-nonconforming, and a masculine of center woman

Kjerstin Lang Content Marketing Specialist | University Advancement

Kristina LaPlant Assistant Professor | Political Science Public Admin

Alec Lass Academic Department Associate | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Maggie Laufenberg Clinical Assistant Prof | Health Professions - PA

Katherine Lavelle Professor | Communication Studies

Brenda Leahy Career Svcs Associate Director (Inst) | Career Services

Ronda Leahy Professor | Communication Studies

Rebecca Lee Employer Relations Coordinator | Career Services

Amber Leibundgut-Peterson Assistant Professor | Murphy Library

Nishele Lenards Clinical Professor | Hlth Prof-Dosimetry

Lisa Lenarz Associate Professor | Art

Ally & Advocate

Mary Leonard Professor | Theatre and Dance

Shelly Lesher Professor | Physics

Xinhui Li Associate Professor | Microbiology

Terry Lilley Associate Professor | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Heather Linville Professor | Educational Studies

Megan Litster Associate Professor | Biology

Adrienne Loh Interim Associate Dean SOE | School of Education

Deborah-Eve Lombard Lecturer | Art

James Longhurst Professor | History

Katelyn Longmire Counselor Outreach Coordinator | Counseling & Testing Center

Víctor Macías-González Professor | History

KayahBah Malecek Admissions Assistant Director (B) | Admissions

Mermani Maloney-Wang Medical Coding Specialist | Student Health Center

Marc Manke Lecturer | Art

Stephen Mann Associate Professor | English

I identify as a gay, cisgendered male.

Christine Manno Assistant Professor | Management

Peter Marina Associate Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Tesia Marshik Associate Professor | Psychology

Antonio Martin Gomez Assistant Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Carly Martinco Procurement Specialist II | Business Services

Andrea Matson Administrative Assistant II | Counseling & Testing Center

Anna Mayer HR Business Partner | Human Resources

Deanna Maynard Assistant Professor | Educational Studies

Timothy McAndrews Professor | Archaeology & Anthropology

Blythe McConaughey Violence Prevention Specialist | Student Life Office

Maggie McDermott Associate Professor | Marketing

Melissa McGraw Assistant Professor | Educational Studies

Ryan McKelley Professor | Psychology

Kristen McKinney Lecturer | Student Affairs Administration

Shealyn McMahon Outreach & Instr Lib Assistant | Murphy Library

Matt McParker Assistant Professor | Educational Studies

W. Thomas Means Assistant Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Ania Meier Graduate Program Specialist | Extended Learning

Ana Mendoza Disability Services Advisor | ACCESS Center

Brandon Meyer Technical Support Consultant | Information Technology Svcs

Teresa Mika Intro Biology Coordinator | Biology

Carol Miller Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

I teach courses on gender, marriage and family inclusively.

Taylor Cole Miller Assistant Professor | Communication Studies

David Mindel Associate Professor | Murphy Library

Daniel Modaff Associate Professor | Communication Studies

Hayley Moe Academic Advisor | Academic Advising Center

Marie Moeller CASSH - Associate Dean | Dean's Office-CASSH

Aaron Monte Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Betsy Morgan Provost & Vice Chancellor | Academic Affairs

Jane Morgan Exec Director Strategic Engagement | University Advancement

Kimberly Morris Assistant Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Heidi Morrison Associate Professor | History

Katy Morrison Academic Advisor | Academic Advising Center

Daniel Mueller Lecturer | Political Science Public Admin

Elena Mueller Early Child Edu Teacher | Campus Child Center

James Murray Professor | Economics


Eileen Narcotta-Welp Associate Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Stacy Narcotta-Welp Student Support Services Director | Student Support Services

Nese Nasif Assistant Professor | Marketing

Michele Nauman Academic Adv Associate Director (Inst) | Academic Advising Center

Janelle Nelson CPL & Grade Coordinator | Records & Registration

Tara Nelson Director, Ctr for Transform Justice | Ctr For Transformative Justice

Jocelyn Newton Professor | Psychology

Lien Nguyen Instructor | Public/Community Health Edu

Timothy Nielsen Lecturer | Educational Studies

Dawn Norris Associate Professor | Sociology & Criminal Justice

Kelly Nowicki Teaching Associate Professor | Management

John Nunley Professor | Economics

Alexander O'Brien Associate Professor | Psychology

Michaella Olson Lecturer | Psychology

Gregory Ormes Associate Professor | Communication Studies

Deya Ortiz International Programs Manager | Int'l Education & Engagement

Britta Osborne Academic Services Director | Dean's Office-CASSH

Todd Osmundson Professor | Biology

Kara Ostlund Dean of Students (Inst) (B) | Student Affairs

Michele Overgard Marketing Manager | Extended Learning

Gita Pai Professor | History

Miranda Panzer Intl. Student & Schlr Advisor | Int'l Education & Engagement

Kate Parker Professor | English

SaraJane Parsons Teaching Assistant Professor | Economics

Elizabeth Peacock Associate Professor | Archaeology & Anthropology

Heather Pearson Int'l Admissions Counselor | Admissions

I am an ally for the LGBTQQIAAAP+ community

David Pehl Classified/Retired |

I have completed Ally training through the Pride center. I am available to assist you when you need it.

Sarah Pember Assistant Professor | Public/Community Health Edu

Adriana Perez Candia Teaching Assistant Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

We are all humans; thinking and feeling is what we need.

Abigail Peschges Grant Specialist | Sponsored Research

Tanisha Petherbridge Multicultural Admissions Cnslr | Admissions

Michele Pettit Associate Professor | Public/Community Health Edu

Jarred Pfeiffer Assistant Professor | Art

Samuel Pierce Admissions Associate Director (B) | Admissions

Jennifer Pierce Lecturer | Int'l Education & Engagement

Steph Pinal Retention Specialist | Multicultural Student Services

David Piro Lead Graphic Designer | University Advancement

Brian Pompeii Teaching Assistant Professor | Geography And Earth Science

Brad Quarberg News & Marketing Director | University Advancement

Alessandro Quartiroli Professor | Psychology

Wesley Quintana Multicultural Admissions Cnslr | Admissions

Rafael Ramirez Teaching Assistant Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Scott Reber Teaching Associate Professor | Management

Lucas Reddinger Researcher I | Economics

Keely Rees Professor | Public/Community Health Edu

Jodi Reider Academic Advisor | Academic Advising Center

Gretchen Reinders Lecturer | Psychology

Troy Richter Parking Services Director | Parking Utility

Leslie Rogers Associate Professor | Educational Studies

Jose Rubio-Zepeda Assistant Director for Retention | Multicultural Student Services

Katie Rutenbar Field Exp Coordinator & Comm Specialist | Field Experience

Shauna Sallmen Professor | Physics

Vickie Sanchez Multicultural Student Svcs Director | Multicultural Student Services

Lisa Savarese Teaching Associate Professor | Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec

Debra Sazama Assistant Volleyball Coach/Spc Assistant | Athletics

Samuel Schmidt Assistant Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Kayle Schoville HRIS Lead Analyst | Human Resources

Louis Schuth Custodian | Custodial Service

Paul Schweiger Associate Professor | Microbiology

Jamie Schweiger Navigate Functional Lead | Academic Advising Center

Bradley Seebach Associate Professor | Biology

Audrey Seitz Lecturer | Public/Community Health Edu

Sujat Sen Assistant Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hanadi Shatara Assistant Professor | History

Vernon Shaw Developer/Analyst | Information Technology Svcs

Linda Sherony Lecturer | Marketing

Simply put, I believe in equal treatment for every person.

Kenneth Shonk Professor | History

Corey Sjoquist Assistant Vice Chancellor (Inst) | Admissions

Michael Slevin Associate Director | University Centers

I am an ally to the community and will help in any way possible to make UWL a welcoming place.

Amy Sloan Academic Department Associate | Finance

Terence Smith Teaching Professor | Communication Studies

Michaela Smith Graduate Hall Director | Residence Life

Garrett Soper Inst Policy Analyst I | Institutional Research

Jake Speer Web & Design Svcs Director | University Advancement

Stephanie Speer Teach, Learn, & Tech Specialist I | Center for Adv Teach and Learn

Andrew Stapleton Professor | Management

Lindsay Steiner Associate Professor | English

Mitch Steinke HRIS Analyst | Human Resources

Valeria Stepanova Assistant Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chris Stindt Prospect Management Coordinator | University Advancement

Eric Strauss Professor | Biology

Megan Strom Associate Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Kelly Sultzbach Professor | English

Jason Sumontha Assistant Professor | Psychology

Tori Svoboda Associate Professor | Student Affairs Administration

James Szymalak Assistant Professor | Political Science Public Admin

Amy Taebel Clinical Assistant Prof | Health Professions - PT

I try very hard to be an active ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

Heather Talbot Academic Department Associate | Accountancy

Dany Thompson Director of Title IX & Compliance | Diversity & Inclusion

Meredith Thomsen Dean Grad & Extended Learning | Extended Learning

Darci Thoune Professor | English

Anne Thurmer Assistant Professor | Student Affairs Administration

Amy Ticknor Academic Department Associate | History

Casey Tobin Associate Professor | Psychology

Tiffany Trimmer Associate Professor | History

Stacy Trisler Teaching Associate Professor | Marketing

Jennifer Trost Associate Professor | History

Eugenia Turov Teaching Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Ally to all!

Jenna Umberger Disability Services Advisor | ACCESS Center

Iam Valdez Espinoza Counselor | Counseling & Testing Center

Annette Valeo Outreach Specialist | Extended Learning

Adam Van Liere Assistant Professor | Political Science Public Admin

Joseph Van Oss Teaching Professor | Communication Studies

I support students of all identities with listening and care. A member of my family is LGBTQ.

Maggie Vanden Heuvel Executive Assistant I | Dean's Office-CSH

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves Professor | Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Kalia Vang Career Advisor | Career Services

Willem Vanroosenbeek Student Affairs Director (C) | LGBTQQ

Welcome to UWL!! I am here to advocate and support you! I identify as a queer trans man.

Steven Verrall Teaching Associate Professor | Physics

I am open minded

Becky Vianden Acad Advs & Career Service Director | Career Services

Jörg Vianden Professor | Student Affairs Administration

I hope that folx with diverse genders and sexual orientations consider me an accomplice in their disruption of systemic inequities

Chad Vidden Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Nicole Vidden CBA Academic Services Director | Dean's Office-CBA

Leanne Vigue University Reg (Inst) (B) | Records & Registration

I have attended many diversity workshops and training sessions. I facilitated safe zone training workshops.

Sheldon Wagner Teaching Associate Professor | Exercise & Sport Science

Alex Wagner Transfer Admissions Counselor | Admissions

J.C. Wagner-Romero Assistant Professor | Educational Studies

Sara Walters Communications & CRM Coordinator (L) | Admissions

Maren Walz Chief Communications Officer | University Advancement

Nathan Warnberg Associate Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Todd Weaver Professor | Chemistry & Biochemistry

Jennifer Weber Adm & Rctmt Coordinator II | Admissions

Bobbi Webster Dean Assistant | Dean's Office-CASSH

Lynn Weiland Extended Learning Director | Extended Learning

Jennifer Wiesjahn Benefits & Wellness Specialist | Human Resources

Anita Willis-Frels Academic Department Associate | Geography And Earth Science

Taylor Wirkus Administrative Assistant II | Psychology

Marcie Wycoff-Horn Dean | School of Education

Chelsea Wyman-Green Assistant Professor | Murphy Library

Hongying Xu Associate Professor | Global Cultures & Languages

Huiya Yan Professor | Mathematics & Statistics

Monica Yang Outreach Program Manager | Multicultural Student Services

Nhouchee Yang Communications Specialist | University Advancement

Ann Yehle Lecturer | Inst For Prof Studies In Educ

Alder Yu Assistant Professor | Biology

Kevin Zabel Assistant Professor | Psychology

Louise Zamparutti Assistant Professor | English

Taylor Zanotti Student Life Specialist | Student Life Office

Dina Zavala Interim Vice Chancellor | Diversity & Inclusion

Nathan Zinn- Wirtz Custodian Lead | University Centers