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Daniel Plunkett

Associate Professor
Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Event planning, event management, tourism, outdoor recreation, place attachment, social media use in recreation/tourism

Current courses at UWL

REC 304: Maintenance of Recreation Facilities

REC 305: Operation and Management of Swimming Pools and Spas

REC 320: Introduction to Tourism

REC 340: Evaluation Methods

REC 351: Civic Engagement in Recreation

REC 405: Sustainable Tourism Development

REC 420/520: Revenue Management in Recreation Enterprises

REC 445: Meetings, Conventions, and Event Planning


B.A. Business Administration, Finance & Entrepreneurship, University of St. Thomas - MN

M.S. Recreation & Tourism, Arizona State University

Ph.D. Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University


Research and publishing

Kumm-Schaley, B., Harmon, L., Evans, E., Plunkett, D., & Widuch, D. (2019). The benefits of collaboration:  From curriculum mapping to a community of practice. SCHOLE.

Hugo, N. & Plunkett, D. (2019). Sustainable practices in the bed and breakfast industry: Barriers and opportunities for success. Events and Tourism Review.

Fulthorp, K. & Plunkett, D. (2019). Place Attachment and a Municipal Recreation Special Event. Events Management.

Plunkett, D., Fulthorp, K., & Paris, C. (2019). Examining the relationship between place attachment and behavioral loyalty in an urban park setting. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

Plunkett, D., Kocaoglu, B., Phillips, R. (2018). Place Attachment and Community Development. Journal of Community Practice.

Plunkett, D. & Brook, T. J. (2018). Examining the relationship between satisfaction, intentions, and post-trip communication behaviour of active event sport tourists. Journal of Sport & Tourism.



Daniel Plunkett, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation, received the award for Community Engaged Learning course designation from UWL's Community Engagement Department. Dan will be linking students to the community through experiential projects in his REC 445 course titled: Meetings, Conventions, and Event Planning

Submitted on: Jan. 25, 2022



Daniel Plunkett, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation, co-authored the article "Place attachment and community development" in "Journal of Community Practice" published on Sept. 26, 2018 by Taylor & Francis.

Submitted on: Sept. 27, 2018



Dan Plunkett, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation, presented "Generating Interest in Research for Internship-Bound Graduate Students" at 20th Annual UWL Conference on Teaching & Learning on Aug. 28, 2018 in La Crosse, WI.

Submitted on: Aug. 28, 2018