How do I declare psychology as a major?

  1. Complete the online tutorial that will automatically submit your response to an advisor in either the Academic Advising Center or the Psych department. Plan on at least 1 hour and be ready for built-in online quizzes on the material.
    Click HERE for the tutorial. **Not mobile friendly currently.**
  2. An advising professional will contact you after you have completed the tutorial to set up a face-to-face meeting.
  3. After your meeting with an advisor, complete the CASSH/VPA Change of Program/Plan form. If you are adding psychology as a second major, please discuss the process with an advisor.
  4. Although you still may need to complete required coursework to be allowed full access to psychology courses, but the process described above results in Psychology being listed as your official major.
  5. After Psychology is your official major, you will be assigned an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (first year students) or a faculty advisor in the Psychology Department (30+ credits completed).