Become a Tutor or TA

Are you interested in becoming a Psychology Tutor?

The Murphy Learning Center provides walk-in tutoring for many different subjects. The Psychology Department has a limited number of paid tutors each semester, and many more volunteer tutors. Tutors can specify which course(s) they feel comfortable tutoring, and most offer 3-4 hours of tutoring per week in 273 Murphy Library (during the Covid pandemic, all tutoring is taking place online). If you are interested in becoming a Psychology Tutor, please follow this link to a Qualtrics survey with the application materials.

Are you interested in becoming a teaching assistant?

Another way to help fellow students with their courses is to become a teaching assistant (TA). TAs engage in a variety of tasks, such as grading discussions, giving feedback on papers and assignments, grading quizzes, helping out during lectures/labs, etc. You can volunteer to be a TA or you can sign up for a 1-credit TA course (PSY 405) that counts in your Experiential Category (Cat. X) for the Psych major. If you're interested in becoming a TA for a particular course, you should approach the instructor of the course and discuss your options.