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Archived Media Coverage

2019 expanding section


  • 2/2019 Interview with Dr. Ryan McKelley on Here We Are science podcast with comedian Shane Mauss (Masculinity + Culture)
  • 2/2019 Interview with Dr. Ryan McKelley on Vox Media's show Consider It titled "Traditional expectations of masculinity are damaging men" (Consider It)
  • 1/2019 Interviews with Dr. Ryan McKelley on the American Psychological Association's release of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men (Central Time on WPR; New York Times column; ABC News)


2018 expanding section


  • 4/2018 Public-facing summary of Dr. Sugimura's research on what makes youth more likely to be bullied (Public Health Post)
  • 1/2018 Coverage of Dr. Dawn Norris (Sociology), Dr. Eric Hiris (Psychology), and Psychology alumnus William McLoughlin (Fall 2017) on UWL's designation as an Age-Friendly University (WKBT News 8000)


2017 expanding section


  • 12/2017 Coverage of adjunct instructor Jeff Reiland discussing the future addition of "gaming disorder" as a mental health disorder (La Crosse Tribune)
  • Summer 2017 Several different stories and interviews about Dr. Betty DeBoer's work on a grant funded program in providing trauma-informed care in local schools


2016 expanding section



2015 expanding section
2014 expanding section
  • 10/2014 Coverage of mob mentality - Dr. Grace Deason (TV)
  • 10/2014 Coverage of Wisconsin's drinking culture - Dr. Betsy Morgan  
  • 5/2014 Joseph Nyre (Psychology 1991) - Maurice O. Graff Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • 5/2014 Coverage of At-Risk Child & Youth Care project "Discovering Compassion" (TV) (YouTube)
  • 5/2014 Coverage of student intern work with Jeff Reiland on parenting resilient kids (Profile)
  • 4/2014 Coverage of Active Minds: A student-run mental health awareness group (Tribune)  
  • 4/2014 Coverage of undergraduate research from UWL psychology majors (UWL Profile)
2013 expanding section
  • 12/2013 TEDx talk on masculinity - Dr. Ryan McKelley (YouTube)
  • 10/2013 Coverage of student involvement creating an anti-bullying website (UWL Profile)
  • 9/2013 Coverage of Dr. Grace Deason's conference on Gender and Political Psychology (Web)
  • 3/2013 Coverage of psychology student Megan Kunstman's work raising money for cancer research with her photography (Tribune)
  • 3/2013 Coverage of the YWCA's program "Bridges" - interview with psychology intern Courtney Retzlaff 
  • 3/2013 Coverage of Dr. Ryan McKelley's 5 myths about men (UWL Profile)
2012 expanding section
  • 12/2012 Coverage of Psychology graduate, Jamie Scholl, regarding success through adversity  (UWL Profile)
  • 11/2012 Coverage of students from Dr. Grace Deason's Group Dynamics anti-bullying chalking event 
  • 7/2012 Coverage of Dr. Betty DeBoer's and Dr. Newton's comments on student mental health indications (Tribune)
  • 5/2012  Coverage of Child Youth Care Autism Mentorship Program or C.A.M.P (Print) 
2011 expanding section
  • 9/2011 Coverage of Dr. Ryan McKelley's radio work on masculinity (UWL Profile)
  • 8/2011 Coverage of Honors project mentioned in Allure magazine
  • 4/2011 Coverage of CYC project (Tribune) and CYC student written article on healthy safe relationships - Coulee Parenting Connection (posted 10-2011)
  • 4/2011 Coverage of graduating senior Bill Westerman - TV

Psychology kudos

Brock McMullen, Exercise & Sport Science, Garth Tymeson, Exercise & Sport Science and Robert Dixon, Psychology

Brock McMullen, Exercise & Sport Science and Garth Tymeson, Exercise & Sport Science, both Exercise & Sport Science; and Robert Dixon, Psychology, Psychology; received the award for Interdisciplinary Preparation of School Psychologists and Adapted Physical Educators to Serve Children with Disabilities who have High-Intensity Needs from Office of Special Education Programs. Grant award totals $1,250,000.

Submitted on: Sept. 29, 2020

Daniel Hyson

Daniel Hyson, Psychology, co-authored the book "The Data-Driven School: Collaborating to Improve Student Outcomes" published on July 10 by Guilford Press.

Submitted on: Sept. 5, 2020

Ryan McKelley

Ryan McKelley, Psychology, was interviewed by Margot Lester of Phillips Lifeline on June 6. Dr. McKelley discusses how masculine norms influence emotional stress for male caregivers, and strategies for managing it.

Submitted on: July 11, 2020

Robert Dixon

Robert Dixon, Psychology, presented "Shifting Landscapes: An Ethical Playbook for School Psychologists in the Days of Remote Learning" at the Illinois School Psychologists Association's Virtual Learning Opportunity on May 27 in their first online platform, which reached practitioners in several states.

Submitted on: May 29, 2020

Jaime Schmidt and Alexander O'Brien

Jaime Schmidt, Psychology '17 and Alexander O'Brien, Psychology, co-authored the article "Typical listeners are unable to detect sound quality differences between luxury and value headphones" in Cognition, Brain, Behavior published on March 23 by ASRC Publishing House.

Submitted on: Mar. 27, 2020