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Criminal Justice minors are strongly encouraged to take a criminal justice related internship. Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom in a workplace setting. Students at UW-La Crosse have had internships in a wide variety of settings throughout the United States. UWL Career Services is the place to start looking, and to sign up for, internship opportunities. Their web site, under the heading "Internships" has a comprehensive list of services to get you started. In addition, please talk with one of the CJ minor contact persons to get further ideas about internship possibilities. If you know of an internship experience that you would like to have with a particular agency, Career Services and your internship advisor can assist you in getting the internship site approved. Below are examples of recent criminal justice related internship placement sites:

  • WWTC- Summer WI Law Enforcement Certification training & La Crosse Police Reserves
  • La Crosse County Family and Children's Center - After school Detention
  • La Crosse County Drug Court
  • La Crosse Country Justice Sanctions
  • La Crosse Police Department
  • La Crosse County Social Services-Juvenile Services
  • Onalaska Police Reserves
  • Dane County Sheriff's Office
  • State of WI Public Defender's Office - La Crosse
  • State of WI Public Defender's Office - Sparta
  • State of WI Public Defender's Office - Milwaukee
  • State of WI Probation and Parole - La Crosse
  • State of WI Probation and Parole - Milwaukee
  • State of WI Dept. of Motor Vehicles - Dealer Investigation Unit
  • Federal Correctional Institution - Oxford, WI
  • U.S. Marshals- Madison
  • ATTIC Correctional Services-Offender Reintegration- La Crosse