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Sociology & Criminal Justice kudos

Laurie Cooper Stoll

Laurie Cooper Stoll, Sociology & Criminal Justice, received the award for 2023 Jane Addams Outstanding Service Award from Midwest Sociological Society. Presented by the MSS Women in the Profession Committee, this award makes visible the often hidden and under-rewarded service work done for girls and women, or service done by women. It highlights positive role models who use service to advance the issues, causes, or status of underrepresented and vulnerable groups. Named after Jane Addams, the award recognizes, highlights, and awards a modern-day individual who embodies the passion, dedication, and activism of sociologist Jane Addams.

Submitted on: Feb. 28

Nicholas Bakken and Lisa Kruse

Nicholas Bakken and Lisa Kruse, both Sociology & Criminal Justice, presented "La Crosse County Fresh Start Program: A Reentry Program for Adults with Co-Occurring Disorders" at the Criminal Justice Management Council on Feb. 15 in La Crosse. Bakken and Kruse presented the findings and recommendations from a multi-year evaluation of the La Crosse County Fresh Start Program to the La Crosse County Criminal Justice Management Council. Fresh Start is a new reentry program in La Crosse County designed to provide tailored support for individuals who come into the county jail with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, a population that is high-risk and high-need with significant rates of incarceration and poor chances at successful reintegration into the community. The development of the reentry program and concurrent evaluation was funded by a U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance grant.

Submitted on: Feb. 17

Peter Marina

Peter Marina, Sociology & Criminal Justice, authored the article "School Resource Officers: ‘Momma Bear’ and the Human Rights Approach" in The Blue Magazine published on Jan. 31 by the Blue magazine | Vol. 13 - issue 6 . In his ongoing project developing a path for human rights policing in the U.S., Marina writes about reimagining the function of policing in public schools. In all of his teaching, research, talking, and writing about law enforcement, Marina's goal is to transform policing from a social control institution to a human rights organization. Can we reimagine a better future? Marina says yes.

Submitted on: Feb. 1

Peter Marina

Peter Marina, Sociology & Criminal Justice, presented "A Transgressive Model of Policing: Transforming the Legal Gang to a Human Rights Organization" at American Society of Criminology Conference on Nov. 19 in Atlanta. The presentation stems from Marina's newly published book "Human Rights Policing: Reimagining Law Enforcement in the 21st Century" (Routledge Press (2022). This book is part of his larger work on analyzing new modalities of transgression, struggle, resistance, and transformation.

Submitted on: Nov. 21, 2022

Peter Marina

Peter Marina, Sociology & Criminal Justice, authored the book "Human Rights Policing Reimagining Law Enforcement in the 21st Century" published on Monday, Oct. 10 by Routledge Press. Relying on intense ethnography and extensive experiences teaching human rights policing to police officers, this book teaches law enforcement professionals how to apply human rights to their careers. But this book does more. It reimagines the institution of law enforcement as we push toward the later stages of modernity. It provides the intellectual tools on how to think about policing in new and creative ways.

Submitted on: Oct. 10, 2022