• We have designed and led workshops introducing R statistical software. R is a free software program that is quickly becoming a standard in many disciplines. Many organizations have found that investing in training their employees to use R and related add-ons like R Studio can provide a notable cost savings over continued purchasing of expensive statistical programs like SAS and Minitab. We can even customize these workshops to meet the specific analytic needs of an organization.
  • We have also designed and led workshops in data exploration, statistical process control, and measurement system analysis. Workshops such as these are typically customized to include exploration and analysis of data that is specific to the organization being served.

Survey Design and Analysis

  • We have supported survey planning, research proposals, data analysis, and final write-ups associated with PhD dissertations and Master’s theses.
  • We have summarized and analyzed survey data of various types. In all cases, we created professional final reports including extensive tables and graphs. 

Statistical Analysis   

  • We have provided analysis support to professional scientists using R, SAS, SPSS, and Minitab software.
  • We have worked with a company to review an existing ranking algorithm, propose some alternative algorithms, and catalog the strengths and weakness of each option.


  • We have applied forecasting techniques to predict future customer patterns.