Statistical Consulting Center

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Director of UWL Consulting

Abdulaziz Elfessi Profile of Abdulaziz Elfessi
Associate Professor
4034 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Applied Statistics

Director of External Consulting

Barbara Bennie Profile of Barbara Bennie
1028 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Applied statistics, game theory

Faculty Statisticians

Douglas Baumann Profile of Douglas Baumann
Associate Professor
1034 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Statistical Genomics and Epigenomics

Melissa Bingham Profile of Melissa Bingham
Associate Professor
1032 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:


David Reineke Profile of David Reineke
1030 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Statistics, Randomly Censored Data, Goodness-of-fit Tests, Data Science, Applied Statistics

Sherwin Toribio Profile of Sherwin Toribio
Associate Professor
1023 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Bayesian Statistics; Computational Statistics

Undergraduate Statistical Consultants

Statistics majors at UWL are required to take multiple statistics courses, including those with emphasis in linear regression and ANOVA. Additional courses like categorical data analysis, non-parametric statistical methods, multivariate statistics, operations research, and consulting are expected. Undergraduates also need to take several advanced courses outside of statistics. Students typically take courses in a broad range of topics including but not limited to economics, biology, accounting/finance and everything in between. After graduations our interns often go on to attend graduate school, become analysts, actuaries, and many other professional careers.