How Do I Make An Appointment? 

Please fill out the request for assistance survey that can be found here. Once your request is received, you will be e-mailed by the Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) director, Dr. David Reineke. If you need to contact Dr. Reineke directly, he can be reached at or 785-6607.  Dr. Reineke is located in room 1030 Cowley Hall.  

What Does an Initial Consultation Look Like?

An Initial consultation involves meeting the staff of the SCC and discussing any project ideas that you may have.  The staff of the SCC will likely ask several questions to learn more about your business or organization and about what you hope to accomplish through our services.  We will then propose a plan of how we can support your project.

How much does this cost? 

Services for on-campus clients are free.  However, we rely on financial support in order to provide this valuable service, so please remember us when writing grant proposals for which you plan to use our services.  Our recommendation is 4% of the grant's total budget for students and 8% for faculty.

Is the data that I share with the SCC secure?

All data shared with the SCC is treated as confidential.  The SCC establishes a contract at the outset of consulting projects that details the roles of the client and the SCC.  This contract includes a commitment on the part of the SCC maintain confidentiality of client data.  All SCC personnel (faculty and students) complete ethical training modules prior to working with client data.