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Is Financial Aid available for Summer Session? expanding section

Yes, there is financial aid available for the summer term, for students that qualify. Completion of the 2020–21 FAFSA is required for all students (including students graduating in Summer 2020), as well as the UWL Summer Financial Aid Application. More information can be found here.

How should students use the Wait List in WINGS and the Standby List on the website? expanding section

UWL Students should be encouraged first to put themselves on the Wait List in WINGS. Next, they should also put themselves on the Standby List which is accessed from the summer session website. This step should be taken whether the Wait List in WINGS is open or closed. Extended Learning monitors the Standby List and communicates with students when a new section opens.

The Wait List in WINGS is for UWL students only and not available for special non-degree students. The Standby List is the only vehicle for special non-degree students to be notified if a new section opens.