Undergraduate Research & Creativity Staff Directory

Scott Cooper  Profile of Scott Cooper

3022 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Effects of hibernation on blood clotting in 13-lined ground squirrels.

Chandra Hawkins  Profile of Chandra Hawkins

Undergrad Res/Internal Grants
243 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

  • Undergraduate Research & Creativity (URC)
    • URCC grants
    • Research & Creativity Symposium
    • Symposia: NCUR, Research in the Rotunda, System Symposium, 7 Rivers
  • Internal grants
  • Research participant incentives questions

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee

The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee consists of nine faculty members and up to two student representatives. Faculty members serve for up to three years. There shall be no more than four faculty members from any of the College of Business Administration, the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, or the College of Science and Health. Student members shall be selected from students who have received research funding from the committee in previous years. Students who submit research proposals during a given year shall not be members of the committee during that year. The committee elects its chairperson.

Duties and Responsibilities

According to the the faculty senate bylaw II, the duties and responsibilities of the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee include:

  1. Establishing evaluation procedures and criteria for funding undergraduate research and creativity proposals 
  2. Establishing procedures for applying for undergraduate research funds 
  3. Publicizing the availability of undergraduate research funds and the procedures for applying for those funds 
  4. Apportioning institutional funds for undergraduate research 
  5. Advising the consultant of student research and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs in the solicitation of grant monies to support undergraduate research 
  6. Planning and conducting an annual Research and Creativity Symposium, as well as other means of disseminating undergraduate research and creativity results 

2021-2022 URCC Members:

  • Wen-Chiang Chen
  • Sierra Colavito
  • Yvonne Collyar
  • Ward Dobbs
  • Kristina LaPlant
  • Tesia Marshik
  • Amy Nicodemus
  • William Ross
  • Robert Wilkie
  • TBA, student representative appointed by Student Senate
  • TBA student representative appointed by Student Senate
  • Scott Cooper, ex-officio

URCC meeting minutes