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NCUR 2023 (April 13-15) will be at UW-Eau Claire

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research and creative activity in all fields of study by sponsoring an annual conference for students. Unlike meetings of academic professional organizations, this gathering of up to 4,000 young scholars welcomes presenters from all institutions of higher learning and from all corners of the academic curriculum.   

Steps to follow:

  1. Write your abstract and review it with your faculty mentor. 
  2. Submit your abstract to NCUR using their online site by the deadline. (A timeline is listed further down on this page.) Be sure to use the Undergraduate Research Office Coordinator Information listed here, which is also specified in the informational email you received from SRCEL. Contact the office if you have any questions. Failure to enter this information correctly could result in you NOT being eligible for UWL support.
  3. STEP 3 DOES NOT APPLY FOR NCUR 2023 Once we have a list of the abstracts that were accepted (typically in January) SRCEL may invite those students to give a brief presentation to the URCC. Note: if you have not entered the correct information for the Undergraduate Research Office Coordinator, we may not have your information in time for you to be invited to give a presentation.
  4. The URCC will choose which UWL students will attend.  
  5. We will then notify these students and at this point you can register for the meeting. 

NOTE: If your abstract is approved by NCUR and selected by our Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee, your registration and travel will be covered by the university. NCUR registration includes breakfast and lunch; you will be responsible for dinner and other expenses.

NCUR selection guidelines: NOT APPLICABLE FOR NCUR 2023!!!!

  1. In 2023, NOT APPLICABLE (previous years' info: we expect to select at least 6 students for travel (registration) awards to NCUR. Students will be selected based on the overall quality of the research project, a presentation made to the URCC, and considerations listed below (items 3 though 7)).
  2. Presentations will be "quick pitch" style. Students will have 3 minutes to describe their project and 2 minutes for questions and answers.
  3. A maximum of one student author per accepted abstract will be funded by the URC office.
  4. Priority will be given to students who have not previously received funding for travel to present their results. Prior NCUR funding does not eliminate a student from consideration, but reduces the likelihood of being selected. 
  5. Priority will be given to seniors, then to juniors, then to sophomores, then to first years. 
  6. Effort will be made to ensure that there is a distribution of students selected across and within academic departments and programs.  
  7. Priority will be given to students that followed UWL registration guidelines, including entering the correct Undergraduate Research Office Coordinator Information. Note: this person and their contact information will be determined on an annual basis. Please refer to the email you received from SRCEL regarding NCUR registration. Failure to follow UWL registration guidelines may result in disqualification from receiving URC travel support to attend NCUR.

Important Dates and Deadlines for NCUR 2023
The 36th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research will be hosted by Council on Undergraduate Research from April 13 - 15. 

Timeline for NCUR 2023 

Online submission opens October 3, 2022
Deadlines for Applications and Abstracts

November 30, 2022

Review of Submissions Through January 4
Abstract Decision Notifications

January 5-10

Online Registration Opens

Do not register until you have heard whether UWL will be funding your travel.

January 6 (see note to the left)

UWL Selection Presentations


Deadline for Early Conference Registration January 31, 2023
NCUR 2023 - 36th Annual April 13-15, 2023

Other Conference Opportunities

The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee (URCC) is committed to providing UWL students the opportunity to present their research at annual events including NCUR*, the  UW-System's Annual Symposium  for Undergraduate Research and Creativity, and Research in the Rotunda. The committee has developed guidelines to be used for selecting travel awards to these events. Any student who receives a travel award to attend these events must make a commitment to present at the UWL Research & Creativity Symposium.  

Interested in Graduate School?

The Council on Undergraduate Research hosts a Registry of Undergraduate Researchers that can help you connect with one that matches your interests.