Publishing Opportunities

There are publishing opportunities available for undergraduate researchers both within UWL and nationwide.

UWL Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUR)

UWL undergraduate students have an opportunity to publish their work in the JUR. Students may submit a final report detailing the research problem, methodology, data or information gathered, and final results. The deadline for submission is the last business day of May. For 2022, it will be May 31.

If any questions about content and format arise, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor-In-Chief, Scott Cooper, UWL Office of Undergraduate Research and Creativity, 785-6983, Final manuscripts must be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word files to Dr. Cooper.


General writing format varies among disciplines and journals. Speak to your faculty mentor or someone in your college to find out which guidelines you should be following. Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a great resource for writers to explore common formats.


Plagiarism is a very serious charge, and a mistake that many students make accidentally. The Murphy Library is an excellent resource to consult if you are at all unsure about a citation.