Department Chair

Timothy McAndrews  Profile of Timothy McAndrews

435A Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

South American/Andean Archaeology, Rise of Complex Society, Origins of Urbanism, Sedentary Village-Based Adaptations

Academic Department Associate


Bradley Nichols  Profile of Bradley Nichols

18 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Metalsmithing and Blacksmithing

Jarred Pfeiffer  Profile of Jarred Pfeiffer

Assistant Professor
027 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

I specialize in functional and sculptural ceramics with expertise in wheel throwing, hand building, slip casting, kiln building and glaze making.

Jennifer Williams  Profile of Jennifer Williams

113 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Drawing and Painting (acrylic, encaustic, oil)

Kathleen Hawkes  Profile of Kathleen Hawkes

Associate Professor
228 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:


Lisa Lenarz  Profile of Lisa Lenarz  Meet with me

Associate Professor
202 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Art Education

  • Career-competencies in Art & Art Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studio Practices (including technology)
  • Instructional Scaffolding & Supports for fostering Digital and Visual literacy
  • Global Competencies in Art Education
  • Online Course Design
  • Community Engaged Learning
  • Competency-based Measures of Assessment in Art and Art Education
Sierra Rooney  Profile of Sierra Rooney  Meet with me

Associate Professor
315 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Art History

  • Art of the United States
  • Public Art, Monuments and Memorials
  • Museum Studies
  • Gender Studies
Zachary Stensen  Profile of Zachary Stensen

Assistant Professor
311 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Print Media, Drawing, Installation 

Marc Manke  Profile of Marc Manke

Assistant Professor
307 Lowe Center For The Arts

Specialty areas:

Graphic Design, Textile/Garment Design, Furniture Design, Print Media, Visual Literacy, Interdisciplinary Studio Practice, Sculpture