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University gallery

The UWL Gallery displays works by student, faculty, regional and nationally-known artists in all areas of art. In conjunction with the gallery program, the Department of Art presents a visiting artist series of lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Gallery Director, Deborah-Eve Lombard and student workers manage gallery operations.

The gallery is on the first floor of the Center for the Arts located at the corner of 16th and Vine on the UWL campus. You can find a campus map here.

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink posterSPRING 2024

Senior Art Student Exhibition  

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

19 April – 12 May 2024 

Reception: Friday, 19 April, 5:00-7:30 PM 

Gallery Talks:

Senior Art majors featured in the current exhibition will be in the gallery to talk about their work with the public. There will be two open forums, each featuring a different group of artists. The first forum will be Friday April 26 from 5:30 pm - 7 pm. Free and open to the public. 

Artists Featured in Session #1:
Chloe Kuester
Marble Voigt
Brevin Kruse
Maddy Atkinson
Ellen Cervantes
Kaley Lutker

Artists Featured in Session #2:
Mariyah Weber
Calvin Roberts
Andrea Grunwald
Elisa Engman
Alyssa Johnson


UWL All Student Juried Art Exhibition (ASJAE) 

22 March – 12 April 2024 

Reception & Awards: Friday, 22 March, 5:00 PM-7:30 PM (Awards announced starting at 5:30 PM)

Exhibition entries due online: Wednesday, 8 March, midnight

Jurors: Anwar Floyd-Pruitt and Mars Patterson

Anwar Floyd-Pruitt is an artist, curator, and puppeteer from Milwaukee, WI. He holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University (2000), a BFA from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (2017), and an MFA (2020) from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Chazen Museum of Art, Edgewood College, Mount Mary University, and the Museum of Wisconsin Art recently hosted solo exhibitions of his collages, paintings, and abstract mixed-media self-portraits. In addition to leading puppet-making workshops, Floyd-Pruitt writes and performs a family-friendly singalong called Hip Hop Puppet Party. Recently, he was awarded a grant from the Jane Henson Foundation to engage youth in puppetry. Floyd-Pruitt is Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, and he maintains a studio at the House of RAD (Resident Artist Doers) in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. Anwar is presently Artist In Residence at Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

Mars Patterson is an artist, master naturalist, herbalist, environmental educator, and land steward. Patterson, known as Mars, uses interdisciplinary arts of fiber and eco-mixed media to highlight and reflect on the phenology of nature and the human experience with the intent to grow, inspire, and educate.

Using reflective and reconnecting processes, Patterson works to communicate visually through the intersectionality of art, plants, soil, and community. Recently as Artist-in-Residence at Central Library, Madison, Patterson encouraged community participants to feel comfortable enough to think deeply about their identity as related to their surroundings – past, present, and future. Large-scale visuals altered the energy of the Bubbler Room space at Central Library in real-time to explore identity, personal stories and nature.

Artist Talk: Anwar Floyd-Pruitt, Wednesday, 27 March 2024, 4:00 PM, Annett Recital Hall

Reception with Floyd-Pruitt and Patterson follows presentation (UWL Art Gallery). 

Eagle Visiting Scholar/Artist Grant

Gallery hours

Monday - Thursday 1:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday - Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Holidays, UWL Spring Break and Summer * Closed
  • The University Art Gallery is open during exhibition dates.
  • The University Art Gallery is open extended hours during events at Toland Theater. Call the Gallery at 608.785.8230 for more information.
  • There are paid parking spots on the streets surrounding The Center for the Arts (including 15th, 16th and Vine Streets)
  • The elevator at the Vine Street entrance to CFA will take you to the first floor.

Exhibitions are free and open to the public.

PAST Exhibitions & Events



MAKING AND RETELLING: Nicole Havekost & Chris Rackley  

22 January – 8 March 2024 

Artist Talks: Friday, 9 February 2024, 4:00 PM, Annett Recital Hall

Reception: Friday, 9 February 2024, 5:00-7:30 PM 

Making and Retelling 2024ABOUT THE EXHIBITION:

In Making and Retelling, Nicole Havekost and Chris Rackley work with scale and time through labor-intensive processes to examine the body and memory.

Havekost’s monumental soft sculptures of headless figures are hand-sewn forms are covered with red, matted threads and dark masses of eye hooks, evoking dried blood, sutured wounds, and unruly body hair. The bodies are awkward and lumbering as they defiantly occupy the space where they rest. Havekost is fascinated by bodies and the way they can be simultaneously glorious and gross. Drawing upon personal experiences of the feminine body, motherhood, and aging, Havekost imbues her figures with fragility and ferocity by foregrounding the process of making and mending. She assembles her sculptures using irregular seams and ragged flaps of wool skin, creating bodies that cannot be tamed. 

Chris Rackley is interested in the power of objects to serve as memory triggers that maintain or re-establish continuity between our past and present selves. He creates obsessively detailed miniature recreations of architectural elements based on childhood memories of the shopping malls where his father worked. Small sculptures become source material for drawings and video works and address themes of isolation and imagination. By processing the same subject through different mediums, Rackley mirrors the way memories are recombined in new ways each time they are recalled. Although the spaces Rackley recreates are anchored in a specific time and place, they are instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever visited a mall.

FALL 2023 


Dale Wedig: COPPER

11 September – 6 October 2023

Artist Talk: Friday, 6 October, 4:00-5:00 pm, 116 CFA

Reception: Friday, 6 October, 5:00-7:00 pm, UWL Art Gallery, 100 CFA

An exhibition of hammer formed metal objects created from copper sheets and inspired by the inherent possibilities of this unique element and material. Each piece of art documents how the artist used hundreds of thousands of hammer blows to impose his will upon an unsuspecting sheet of metal—an art process that requires knowing where to start and when to stop!

Dale Wedig Copper exhibition slide



19 October – 19 November 2023

Artist Talk: Thursday, 19 October, 4:00-5:00 pm, Annett Recital Hall

Reception: Thursday, 19 October, 5:00-7:00 pm, UWL Art Gallery

Workshop with Len Davis #1: TBA

Workshop with Len Davis #2: TBA


Senior Art Student Exhibition

1 December – 17 December 2023

Artists Talks: TBA

Reception: Friday, 1 December, 5-7:30 pm

Senior Art majors share their current work. Each semester, graduating Art seniors present their art in a group exhibition to learn about exhibiting, promoting and engaging audiences with their art.

Senior Art Student Exhibition  

28 April - 14 May  2023

Reception: 28 April, 5-7 PM 

3rd Congressional High School Art Competition

12 April – 23 April  2023

Reception: 23 April, 3:30 PM 

Sewn in Memory: AIDS Memorial Quilt Panels 

February 27 - April 7  

Reception Tuesday, 28 February, 7pm   

Monday, 27 Feb   

  • 1:10pm, costume shop - Joe Anderson will lead a make a quilt panel session for all who would like to contribute  
  • 2:15pm - Virtual talk with Jada Harris, from the AIDS Memorial Foundation. Meet in Room 116, or join virtually 

Tuesday, 28 Feb 

  • 11am, Room 116 - Marc Manke talk, "Fighting an Epidemic of Silence: Giving Voice to the AIDS Epidemic with Graphic Design"  
  • 6:00pm, Annett Hall - AIDS Memorial Quilt panel discussion  
  • 7:00pm, UWL Art Gallery – exhibition opening reception

Art Talk 16 February, 5:30PM

Annett Recital Hall

Roald Gundersen: The Art of Climate Restoration  

Architect Roald Gundersen discusses work from his thirty-year relationship with forests. Hear how forests have become Gundersen’s studio, muse, and hope for the future. 


UWL All Student Juried Art Exhibition  

3 February - 22 February  

Reception & Awards: 3 February, 5-7 PM 

Jurors: Nicole Havekost & Chris Rackley 

Close Observation: Art & Science in the Anthropocene

15 September-16 October 2022

Artist Talk: Dr. Jasmine Pradissitto, Thursday, 15 September, 6:30 PM, Annett Recital Hall

Reception: Thursday, 15 September, 7:30-8:30 PM, UWL Art Gallery

Working across ‘disciplines’ in a variety of modes and materials, 5 researcher/artists express the hope that visual communication can point the way to a more ecologically sustainable future. From scientific illustration, to interpreting nature and even using new materials that literally detoxify, this exhibition asks us to take a close look at living in the Anthropocene.

Art in the exhibition by:

Pat Hidson, Barrett Klein, Bethann Moran-Handzlik, Jasmine Pradissitto, Jennifer Williams

Pat Hidson, The Key, Gouache

Pat Hidson

Barrett Klein collaboration with honey bees

Barrett Klein

Bethann Moran-Handzlik, There Are Things We Live Among, 63x44, archival digital print

Bethann Moran-Handzlik

Jasmine Pradissitto, Flower Girl, sculpture created to absorb NOx pollution in the new bee garden at The Horniman Museum. Bees cannot find their pollinating flowers if there is too much pollution in the air.

Jasmine Pradissitto

Jennifer Williams

Luke Achterberg: Convolutions

21 October-22 November

Artist Talk: 4:15 PM Thursday, 27 October, Annett Recital Hall

Reception: Thursday, 27 October, 5:15-7:00 PM, UWL Art Gallery

Luke Achterberg, Quirk, automotive paint on stainless steel

Luke Achterberg, Quirk, automotive paint on Stainless Steel

Luke Achterberg website

Senior Art Student Exhibition

2 December—18 December

Reception: Friday, 2 December, 5-7 PM, UWL Art Gallery

3rd Congressional High School Art Competition

14-24 April 2022

Reception: Sunday, 24 April, 1:30-3pm

Each spring, a nation-wide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Artistic Discovery Contest is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent in the nation, as well as our congressional district.

The submissions from students within Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District are currently exhibited in the UWL Art Gallery. The first-place entry will be displayed for a year in the U.S. Capitol alongside the other contest winners from across the country. The second-place entry will be displayed in the 3rd Congressional District Washington, D.C. office and the third and fourth place pieces will be displayed in 3rd Congressional district offices.

An image of the art installed in the gallery


SPRING 2022 Senior Art Exhibition

29 April-16 May 2022

Reception: Friday, 29 April, 5-6:30pm

Winter's Spring: An Altere Garten / An installation by Leslie Iwai

Lesli Iwai with bird piece from Dusk to Dawn sculpture

2022 All Student Juried Art Exhibition

Bill Fiorini Award, Emily Dillon, Framed Photo of a Natural Landscape 

Ruth Ann Knapp Award, Carson Kreger, Hat in the Wind 

All-Student Art Exhibition Award, Olivia Hartig, flower-queen

Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Painting, Mattie Blanck, Pink Fashion Portrait 

Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Drawing, Molly Kalous, Too Much? 

Catherine Crail Art Award, MacKenzie Steelhammer, Identity Twins 

Louise Drumm Art Award, Alyssa Bronk, The Head 

Carol Hutchins Winther Art Award, Josh Wolfe, When is Something Resolved? 

Richard Koehler Art Award, Trinity Lee, Sunset in Key West 

Milton and Margaret Kosbab Art Award, Sidney Scherwinski, Zoom Noodles 

James Quillin Art Award, Andie Saterbak, Women in Art History 

Ray Sherin Art Award, Sidney Scherwinski, Mansplain, Manipulate, Manifest 

Rakha/Ewert Art Award, Shealyn McMahon, Excess of Identities 

FALL 2021 Senior Art Exhibition: The Eleventh House

Poster for Eleventh House poster

Friday, Dec. 3 through Sunday, Dec. 19. The exhibit included art by Nicole Goodwin, Aaron Ickler, Nicholas Kielman, Jessie Solberg, Tekla Nimmow, Kacey Mortenson, Addy Johnson, Holden Schafer, Stephen Schostak, Emily Bonovetz, and Samantha Annen. 

2021 UWL Art Faculty Exhibition

Image of Zachary Stenson art titled Flowage !

Flowage 1, Zachary Stensen, collage with relief-printed fabric

Prints, drawings, metalwork, photography, ceramics, digital art, paintings and mixed media. 

Faculty artists exhibiting: Joshua Doster, Kate Hawkes, Lisa Lenarz, Linda Levinson, Deborah-Eve Lombard, Marc Manke, Brad Nichols, Jarred Pfeiffer, Randy Reeves, Sierra Rooney, Allison Schneider, Zachary Stensen, Jennifer Williams and Sangjun Yoo.

This exhibition exemplified current research and creative endeavors by the members of the department. In conjunction with this exhibition, pairs of art faculty led Gallery Talks on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, Oct. 5, 7, 12, 14, 19 and 21. 


"The Thinker Reboot"

Exhibit is a commentary on technology, social media

A virtual gallery exhibit at UW-La Crosse provides a satirical view of today’s prevailing social media impact and technology use. Please view Brad's commentary on his work in the video at the top of the page.

Art Department Chair Professor Brad Nichols says his idea for the forged and fabricated steel pieces featured in the show was born in about 2005 when his then 6-year-old son asked him to draw a picture. While his son wasn’t impressed and crumpled up the drawing, Nichols got an idea from his work — that it would transfer well into steel.

Nichols experimented with that idea with his work, eventually culminating during a sabbatical in fall 2019. Please watch Brad's commentary video above. See more of the story...

Spring 2021 Senior Art Exhibition: Inertia // Momentum


Spring 2021 Senior Art Exhibition online May 1st - November 1st, and at Grounded Patio Cafe downtown La Crosse May 2nd - 31st

Due to Covid-19 gathering restrictions on the UWL campus, the Senior Art students (Amber Boesel, Sarah Conley, Athena Gates, Katheryn Horne, Kyra Litwin, Ellie Schaap, Keegs Sturdevant) will be having an online exhibit of their artwork May 1 - November 1, 2021 (link will be available soon). They will also be having a physical exhibit their artwork at Grounded Patio Cafe in downtown La Crosse, 308 Main Street, May 2nd - May 31st. Be sure to check it out! More of the story...




Amber Boesel Megan Borgmeyer Maiya Brandt Bevan Breaux
Kyra Bruesewitz Ellie Burbach Sarah Conley Emily Dillon
Gretchen Fischer Marlis Green Katheryn Horne Aaron Ickler
Abby Johnson Alyssa Johnson Emilee A. Kress Colin Lake
Caden Lien Kyra Litwin Shealyn McMahon Tekla Nimmow
Jessica Plienis Ryan Rateike Ellie Schaap Jessica Solberg

Keegs Sturdevant

Cora Uidl Amanda Wciorka Josh Wolfe


Bill Fiorini Award for Metals - Ellie Schaap, Gear

Ruth Ann Knapp Award for Metals - Emily Dillon, Life and Death

All Student Art Exhibition Award - Ryan Rateike, Twisted Nature

Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Painting - Keegs Sturdevant, Side Effects

Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Drawing  - Marlis Green, Candid of Sarah

Catherine Crail Art Award - Bevan Breaux, “Boat Party”

Louise Drumm Art Award - Alyssa Johnson, Golden Gateway

Carol Hutchins Winther Art Award - Cora Uidl, Befallen creature

Richard Koehler Art Award - Amber Boesel, Sick of Myself

Milton and Margaret Kosbab Art Award - Aaron Ickler, Rime Ice

James Quillin Art Award - Kyra Litwin, A True Wisconsin Landscape

Ray Sherin Art Award - Colin Lake, Maybe This is It

Rakha/Ewert Art Award - Tekla Nimmow, The Straw Reef


Blind Date, virtual senior art exhibition, December 7th - March 31st; participating students are Cassidy Herman, Maria Landgraf, Grace Hintze, Elizabeth Leeck, Bailey Burgard

We are excited to announce the Fall 2020 Senior Art Student Exhibition, Blind Date. The five Senior artists, Cassidy Herman, Maria Landgraf, Grace Hintze, Elizabeth Leeck, and Bailey Burgard, will showcase their artwork online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please go to to view the virtual exhibit. Your feedback to the artists is greatly appreciated!

OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! - Virtual ExhibitionKyra Litwin, America on Fire, colored pencil

UW-Eau Claire's Foster Gallery is showcasing sustainability and resiliency themed student artwork in a virtual exhibition, Our House is on Fire! Artwork was submitted by Universities of Wisconsin students, and it addresses social, environmental, or economic issues related to the climate crisis.

Our House is On Fire! coincides with the Foster Gallery's current exhibition, The Nature of Our Disposition. Through both exhibits, student curator, Caleb Carr, is working to address the active threat of climate change. The virtual exhibition will be on view through December 4, 2020. - Amanda Bulger, UW-Eau Claire

Six of our UW-La Crosse art students have work in this virtual exhibition: Kyra Litwin, Bailey Burgard, Abby Johnson, Maria Landgraf, Chelsea Markland, and Maggie Armbrust.

HIGHLY IMPROBABLE: Senior Art Student Exhibit

Covid-19 may have forced us to separate, but it hasn’t stopped students from making art!

Join us for the first ever online Senior Art Exhibition! You are invited to view the exhibition, share your reactions, and help our seniors celebrate their graduation in Spring 2020.

Click on the link below to view the exhibit:

Even though we weren’t able to exhibit in the campus gallery, you are an important part of the Department of Art community.

Image from Highly Improbable exhibit poster with names of participants.

All-Student Juried Art Exhibition

Congratulations to all of the artists who submitted their work and those chosen for display in the 2020 All-Student Juried Exhibition.

Artwork consisting of sculpture, painting, prints, photographs, metals/jewelry, ceramics, drawing, illustration, textile and mixed media work will be displayed. A total of 167 works were submitted by 74 student artists, with all majors allowed to participate. The judges selected 75 works of art to include, representing 60 student artists.

The jurors for this year's exhibit were John Engelbrecht and Kalmia Strong from Public Space One in Iowa City, IA. Read more of their story here.

2020 Award Winners:

Mitch Bunting - Louise Drumm Art Award 

Keegs Sturdevant - All-Student Art Exhibition Art Award

Ben Christensen - Carol Hutchins Winther Art Award

Jessica Hubley - Ray Sherin Art Award

Alex Keller - Catherine Crail Art Award

Rachel Alderton - Milton and Margaret Kosbab Art Award

Katie Olson - James Quillin Art Award

Sophie Fox - Richard Koehler Art Award

Bevan Breaux - Bill Kader Art Award

Molly Korinek - Dan and Ruth Devitt Award

Elyse Weber - Dan and Ruth Devitt Award

Teresa Smith - Bil Fiorini Award

Abe Packard - Ruth Ann Knapp Award

Victoria Campbell - Rakha/Ewert Art Award


Changing Currents: The Art of Truman Lowe

31January-21 February 2020One of Truman Lowe's art work

Internationally-acclaimed artist Truman Lowe’s work returned to UW-La Crosse for exhibition 

Artist Truman Lowe had a love for water — whether floating out on it in a canoe or using his artistic talent to replicate its quiet stillness or rushing movement.

It is fitting that the next exhibition of Lowe’s art is at a place where the waters of three rivers meet — in La Crosse. The city is also home to Lowe’s alma mater, UW-La Crosse, a place close to his heart, according to family and friends. Lowe, an internationally-acclaimed artist, died in March 2019 at age 75.

The exhibition celebrating his life and work runs Jan. 31-Feb. 21 at UWL. Jo Ortel, professor of Art & Art History at Beloit College, and author of "Woodland Reflections: The Art of Truman Lowe", will be giving a talk about the artist on Thursday, January 30th, at 6PM in the Annett Recital Hall, Center for the Arts, with refreshments to follow.

An opening reception will be from 4-6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, at the University Art Gallery in the Center for the Arts, 333 N. 16th St.

Senior Art Student Exhibit

Image of the Fall 2020 Senior Exhibit poster.

Graduating senior art students present their capstone artwork. Participating senior artists include: Sam Ayers, Hannah Ottevaere, Amelia Sutherland, Marin Bernhagen, Lyndsey Siebers, Lillian Myhre, and Kaylie Hanson. Click here for more details.

Drawing the Future: November 1-15, 2019

Drawing the Future Exhibit


UWL Alumnus Harold Lee in front of one of his pieces of art.

UWL Alumnus Harold Lee is a New York-based artist who was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He works across printmaking, photography and experimental media. He earned a degree in studio art from UWL in 2017.


UW-La Crosse Alumnus Harold Lee’s artwork is so large — with the average piece spanning 40 inches by 60 inches — it can easily fill a wall. It explores the complexity of people’s inner emotions and his own struggles in life. He hopes viewers take a long and hard look at that complexity and how he creatively represents it during UWL’s upcoming Art Alumni Exhibition. Click here for full story.


Participating artists:


  • Jenn Bushman, ’06
  • Jim Dunn, ’13
  • Ellie East, ’16
  • Eric Hansen, ’14
  • Joseph Keenan, ’10
  • Harold Lee, ’17
  • Kat Liu, ’13
  • Sam Posso, ’14
  • Joel Starkey, ’03
  • Elizabeth West, ’17

“Red Romaine” by Alumna Jenn Bushman. Acrylic paint on canvas.


September 6-26, 2019

Balanced Rock/print - T. Znidarsich    Calla Lily/jewelry - A. Szabo    Peaceful Places/encaustic mixed media - C. Brudos

Equilibrium was an exhibition highlighting work from Wisconsin artists who are also art educators. Media represented, included printmaking, metalsmithing, encaustic painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and photography.


Participating artists:

Quenten Brown (West Salem High School, West Salem, WI)

Tim Znidarsich (Jack Young Middle School, Baraboo, WI)


Angie Szabo (Fort Atkinson High School, Fort Atkinson, WI)


Carissa Brudos (Summit Environmental Elementary School, La Crosse, WI)


Frank Juarez (Sheboygan North High School, Sheboygan, WI)


Maria Mason (American School of Doha, Qatar - on extended leave from teaching at North Woods International Elementary)

Tim Brunn (Freedom High School, Freedom, WI)

Senior Art Student Exhibition - CLARITY

April 19-May 12, 2019

Print by Julia Mielke

Graduating Senior Art students display their work. 

Opening ceremony: Friday, April 19, 4:00-6:00PM

WI 3rd Congressional District High School Exhibit

March 25-April 14, 2019

Closing ceremony: Sunday, April 14, 1:30 - 3:00PM

64 high school artists from Central and Western Wisconsin competed in the 23rd Annual Third Congressional District Art Competition. The 1st place entry will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. The 2nd place entry will be displayed in Congressman Ron Kind's office in Washington D.C. The 3rd and 4th place entries will be displayed in Ron Kind's district offices in La Crosse and Eau Claire.

Congressman Ron Kind and his wife Tawni Kind were present at the closing ceremony on Sunday, April 14, to announce the winners. Ben Labuzzetta from Holmen High School won 1st place for his piece, "Golden Hour" (shown below).

"Golden Hour", Ben Labuzzetta

2nd Place - Cheyanne Mattie, Logan High School, Untitled; 3rd Place - Xia Moua, Logan High School, Mixed Feelings; 4th Place - Nola Bantle-Felt, Central High School, Melancholy

Honorable Mention: Jordan Giles - Cadott High School; Abbey Jacobs - La Farge High School; Lewis Bingol - Central High School; Natalie Nordmann - La Farge High School; McKenzie Bell - Hillsboro High School; Grace Widner - La Farge High School; Nidhi Shenoy - Holmen High School; Ace Glise - 7 Rivers Community High School.

Jodi Reeb - A Love For Bees Wax

April 1-April 5, 2019

Artist, Jodi Reeb

Minnesota artist, Jodi Reeb, arrived on campus for her encaustic art exhibit, April 1 - 5. Thursday, April 4, she gave her artist talk on the grant she received to pursue this project. On Friday, April 5, she did two workshops in which attendees learned how to do an encaustic piece of art work and were given the opportunity to create an encaustic piece.

All Student Juried Art Exhibition

February 22-March 14, 2019


Copper mask by Alydia Downs


An exhibition of sculpture, painting, prints, photographs, metals/jewelry, ceramics, drawing, illustration, textile and mixed media work. A total of 162 works were submitted by 61 student artists, with all majors allowed to participate. The judges selected 58 works of art to include, representing 42 student artists. Special recognition was given to 14 works.


Jurors were David Wells, Gallery Director at Edgewood College, Madison, and Jeremy Chen, MFA-Assistant Professor at Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA.


2019 Award Winners:

Rachel Alderton - Louise Drumm Art Award 

Emiko Wilks - All-Student Art Exhibition Art Award

Louise "Lulu" Zuba - Carol Hutchins Winther Art Award

Emily Dillon - Ray Sherin Art Award

Carolyn Myers - Catherine Crail Art Award

Lydia Reilly - Milton and Margaret Kosbab Art Award

Jenna Arts - James Quillin Art Award

Austin Vanburen - Richard Koehler Art Award

Andrea DeBauche - Bill Kader Art Award

Hunter Hulley - Dan and Ruth Devitt Award

Taylor Finn - Dan and Ruth Devitt Award

Katlyn Buika - Bil Fiorini Award

Erica Ells - Ruth Ann Knapp Award

Kläre Kirchner - Betty Kendrick Art Award


Linda Levinson: Incidents of Light

Linda Levinson 2019 Exhibit poster

Artist Linda Levinson: “I have begun a series of traditional black and white and cyanotype photograms (photographs made without the use of a camera) of books when I had access to a massive scholarly library, ranging from 19th century classical texts to contemporary small-press volumes of poetry, with many volumes devoted to philosophy and religion. The thousands of books on the shelves of this library impressed me, realizing that it would be impossible for me to read even a partial portion of them in my lifetime. I began to wonder that if I touched each book, and held it in my hands, I would come to possess another kind of knowledge from that act; a transference of energy that I might feel, or a mystical experience emanating from each book if I made a photogram of it. “I began by selecting books whose titles attracted me, such as: The Writings of Anna Freud, The Sanskrit English Dictionary, the King James Bible, Tristan Tzara’s Selected Poems. I have retained the titles of the books and the order in which I made the prints as my titles for the images; for the very titles of the books I used resonate with the inner source of light I have culled from them. “To make the photograms I placed the book that I had selected on the surface of photo-sensitive paper, exposed it to light and developed it. I called the residual image that appeared after development a ‘pneumatic’ trace, a presence of an absence. “This process results in an image that captures the imagination by transforming the actual object-hood of a book into a visual abstraction in monochrome. When successful, the print is capable of evoking the mystery of the essence of the object itself and at times, even hints at its subject matter. In this process I explore the specificity of photography — as I have done in different modes throughout my career — convinced that its essence is most directly manifested when photography does not primarily or merely represent the way things look.”

Senior Art Student Exhibition

November 30-December 12, 2018

Graduating Senior art students present their current work.

Fall 2018 Senior Exhibit poster, Making Our Mark.

Wisconsin Metal NOW

November 2-November 11, 2018

A Celebration of contemporary Art metal production in Wisconsin.

David Barnhill
Michael Bernard
Jeffrey Clancy
Teresa Faris
Lisa Gralnick
Yevgeniya Kaganovich
Erica Meier
Masako Onodera
Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro
Andrew Redington
Aric Verrastro

Wisconsin Metal NOW exhibit, November 2-20, 2018

Artist Talk with Michael Dale Bernard

UWL Art Faculty Exhibition

October 4-October 25, 2018

Pao Houa Her: My Mother's Flower

September 6-September 27, 2018

Photographs that explore the enduring presence and significance of flowers in Hmong culture. 

black and white photograph of flower arrangementPhotograph of young woman in front of large flower display

Senior Art Student Exhibition

April 13-May 4, 2018 

Graduating senior art students present their current work.

Spring 2018 Senior exhibit poster, Narcissists

Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District High School Exhibition

March 22-April 8, 2018

Local high school students celebrate art and creativity.

All-Student Juried Exhibition

February 23-March 8, 2018

Students from diverse disciplines exhibit their best new work.

China Changes Everything :: Made in Beijing

January 25-February 10, 2018

Fine art prints explore cultural exchange, technology and East/West links. 

Senior Art Student Exhibition

December 1-13, 2017

Karen Terpstra: A Cheval Retrospective

November 3-18, 2017

Art Professor Karen Terpstra’s retrospective in the University Art Gallery included a diverse body of her artwork — pieces dated back 20 years to recently completed ones. The exhibition included sketches, drawings reworked with watercolors or oil crayons, reworked giclee prints, and ceramics.
Terpstra’s lifelong passion has been horses, “The ‘horse’ has always been and always will be a major influence and the subject matter of my utilitarian and conceptual works."

Image of poster for Adrienne Loh's Suis Ton Couer and Karen Terpstra's A Cheval Retrospective

Adrienne Loh: Suis ton coeur (Follow your heart)

Chemistry Professor Adrienne Loh’s photographs were taken on an iPhone 6S and a Fuji X100S and feature elements of equestrian life. Loh hopes viewers of her photography feel a sense of the space — physical and emotional — that those who live with and love horses occupy.
“Maybe they will be inspired to look a little more closely at those things that make up the essence of the places we inhabit and the experiences we have,” she explained.

What a Relief: Traditional to Experimental Printmaking at Tandem Press

 Tandem Press studio stands at the forefront of experimentation and new developments in the field of printmaking. Since 1987, Tandem and artists have pushed the boundaries of printmaking, exploring new materials and techniques, and producing highly ambitious projects. This exhibition of prints made since 2001 showcased the collaborations between master printers and established artists including Suzanne Caporael, Robert Cottingham, Lesley Dill, Jim Dine, Sam Gilliam, José Lerma, David Lynch, Judy Pfaff, and Alison Saar.

Laura Moriarty: Pay Dirt

September 7-23, 2017

Sculptural paintings and works on paper explore the processes that shape/reshape the earth. 

Senior Art Student Exhibition

April 13-May 5, 2017

Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District High School Exhibition 

March 24-April 8, 2017 

All-Student Juried Art Exhibition 

February 23-March 3, 2017

An exhibition of sculpture, painting, prints, photographs, metals/jewelry, ceramics, drawing, illustration, textile and mixed media work. A total of 128 works were submitted by 57 student artists, with all majors allowed to participate. The judges selected 60 works of art to include, representing 41 student artists. Special recognition was given to 14 works.

Jurors were Heather Delisle, a professor at UW-River Falls, and Jon Swanson, curator at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona.

2017 Awards: Dale and Betty Kendrick All-Student Art Exhibition Award — Grant Broeckel • Carol Hutchins Winther Art Award — Sarah Heyer • Ray Sherin Art Award — Kara VanKirk • Catherine Crail Art Award — Pa M. Yang • Milton and Margaret Kosbab Art Award — Ellie DeMuth and Jeffery DeMuth • James Quillin Art Award — Sofia Kozidis • Richard Koehler Art Award — Liz Alexander • Bill Kader Art Award — Mathew Sigrist • Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Painting — Sylvia Neumann • Dan & Ruth Devitt Award in Drawing — Theresa Kasper • Bil Fiorini Award — Tom Sheely • Ruth Ann Knapp Award — Stewart Stehly • Betty L. Kendrick Award — Gemma Zahradka • Louise Drumm Award — Jacqueline Obst

Other students with art selected for this exhibition: Rachel Ajack, Connor Claus, Alydia Downs, Lauren Follansbee, Rachel Geniesse, Tristen Hayes, Alexa Henson, Hunter Hulley, Brianna Julian, Chynna King, Libbie-Sienna Miller, Lexi Mitchell, Ivy Molls, Hayley Mosson, Baley Murphy, Ryan Naughton, Kasey Pesch, Carolyn Peterson, Chloe Pittelko, Grant Sachs, Emily Sander, Sarah Schultz, Ryan Send, Briannae Theodore, Elizabeth West, Hannah Wise

UWL Alumni Invitational Exhibition Spring 2017

January 27-February 11, 2017

UWL Art graduates exhibit post-graduation work

Senior Exhibition Fall 2016

December 2-December 14, 2016

Graduating senior art students present work from their time at UW-L

The Mississippi:  A Sense of Place, Works by Leo Smith 

November 4-November 20, 2016

Faculty Exhibition

October 7-October 23, 2016

UWL Art Faculty showcase their work

Re-Riding History: From the Southern Plains to the Matanzas Bay

September 9-September 25, 2016

A metaphorical retracing of the imprisonment and forced assimilation of American Indian peoples. Re-Riding History website here.

Senior Exhibition Fall 2015      

Sabrina Bruehling, Nicole Finch, Scott Jablonski, Natalie Kotnik, Kayla Linde, Rebecca Marks, Danielle Nolden, Kelsey Walsh                                

Lois Bielefeld: Androgyny

September 18–October 3, 2015     

Artist Lecture:  Friday, September 18, 3-4 pm, Room 116 CFA 

Senior Exhibition Spring 2015

April 17–May 8, 2015

3rd Congressional District High School Exhibition 2015

March 27-April 11, 2015

All Students Juried Art Exhibition 2015

February 13–March 7, 2015

Jurors: Phillip Ahnen and Carolyn Payne
Full list of student artists and award winners is available here.

Senior Art Student Exhibition-MISC.

November 20-December 16, 2015

Reception: November 20, 5-7 pm

Artist Talks: December 4, 9 am


Faculty Biennial Exhibition 2015

Recent work by the UW-La Crosse Department of Art Faculty

View photos  

Abhyasa: Recent Works by Kim Matthews

October 17–November 8 

Lovesickness with Trees

September 12–October 4, 2014

Sophia Heymans and Garrett Perry, SooVAC in La Crosse. (Exhibition courtesy of Soo Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN)

Senior Exhibition Spring 2014

April 18-May 9, 2014

3rd Congressional District High School Exhibition

April 10-12, 2014
Hosted by Congressman Ron Kind and Tawni Kind

All-Students Juried Exhibition 2014

March 7-April 5, 2014 

Justin Quinn: Tales of space and time

January 31-February 22, 2014 

Senior Exhibition WANTED: Artists of Conviction 

November 22-December 11, 2013

Image of students on a wanted: artists of conviction sign


October 25-November 16, 2013

Curated by Roger Boulay
Justin Kimball (Florence, MA)
Hunter Lewis (Chicago, IL)
Colleen Merrill (Lexington, KY)
Adrienne Salinger (Albuquerque, NM)
Tina Tahir (Chicago, IL)
Izel Vargas (Miami, FL)     

"Erasure" brings together work from six artists across the United States who use subtraction, erosion or removal to create meaning. The exhibition includes photographs, paintings, sculpture, works on paper, video and installation by both established and emerging artists. Themes pertain to identity, American traditions as well as memory.

Biomorph: Contemporary Metals Invitational

September 20-October 12, 2013

Yuyen Chang (Madison, WI)
Daniel Dicaprio (Richmond VA)
Catherine Grisez (Seattle, WA)
David Huang (Sand Lake MI)
Evan Larson (Detroit, MI)
Ana Lopez (Denton, TX)
Sharon Church (Philadelphia, PA)

Jennifer Williams Terpstra:  Transcendence/Immanence: New Encaustic Paintings

June 28-September 14, 2013
Related Activity: Encaustic painting workshop, Saturday, June 29 9 am-4 pm

360 Gallery