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The Department of Communication Studies offers several scholarship opportunities for CST majors.  These include:

Doris Fuka Communication Studies / Theatre Arts Fund

Freshman or continuing student to be enrolled full time

Major in Theatre Arts for odd-numbered years (e.g., 2013-2014) and Communication Studies for even numbered years (e.g., 2014-2015)

Entering freshman required to provide a letter of recommendation from respective high school theatre/communication studies teacher

Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Walter Jay & Clara Charlotte Damm Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate student to be enrolled full time

Pursuing careers in radio, television or other news and entertainment communication media

Preference is given to those students who have a current relationship (e.g., relative of active or retired full or part time employees) with Journal communications, inc. or one of its subsidiaries, Journal Communications companies include: Journal Sentinel, inc., Journal Broadcast Group, Journal Community Publishing Group, IPC Print Services).

Financial need should be demonstrated

Show scholastic ability based on high school or college transcripts as a measure of academic performance and ability to succeed.

Scholarship available only if approved by the Milwaukee Foundation annual review

Perry St. John Memorial Scholarship in Telecommunication

Sophomore, junior, or senior to be enrolled full time with a major in communication studies with an emphasis in telecommunication.

Theodora Richter Communication Studies Scholarship

Junior or senior to be enrolled full time with a major in communication studies

Priority to be placed on scholastic ability, involvement in forensics, debate and theatre as well as other organizational involvement and service work

For further information and a full listing of scholarships, please visit the UWL Scholarships site.