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CST 450 Internship in Communication Studies (1-6 Credits)

Course description: The internship in communication studies is an academically relevant work experience focusing on career development through professional contexts. CST students pursue internships in CST-related fields. The number of credit hours earned depends on the number of hours worked throughout the duration of the internship. Internship credit is earned during the period the work is completed. The student is responsible for: securing an internship, identifying and working with a CST faculty supervisor to create an internship proposal and determine a final project, and completing required CST internship paperwork in order to gain departmental approval prior to registration. See the CST Department website for additional information about the approval and registration process. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: declared communication studies major; completion of 12 credits in communication studies, including CST 110, CST 190, and six other CST credits; junior standing. Consent of department. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Annually.

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Internship Requirements

The Communication Studies Department encourages students to engage in an internship as part of their academic experience. Many employers consider an internship to be one of the most important parts of a student’s pre-employment preparation. Students typically complete internships near the end of their academic career to draw on the widest possible range of coursework in completing the internship. It is never too early, however, to begin thinking about and planning for an internship.

For more CST information information, contact CST Internship Director Greg Ormes, 4213 Centennial Hall, 785-8714,

To apply for and complete a CST internship you will need:

1) An internship site approved by a CST faculty internship supervisor or Career Services

2) A CST faculty member who agrees to be your internship supervisor

3) CST departmental approval

Internships are typically given credit on a 40 hours of work per credit basis. Thus, 120 hours of internship work (about 8-10 hours per week throughout the semester) is required for 3 internship credits—240 hours is required for 6 internship credits.

Career Services Approval

ALL INTERNSHIPS MUST BE FILED WITH Career Services. Identify an internship site at which you are interested in working. You have two ways to find an appropriate internship site. First, Career Services provides lists of internship opportunities that are approved for academic credit.  Second, you may work with a business or organization to develop a new internship (in these cases, the internship needs to be approved by your CST faculty internship supervisor for academic credit). In either case, a person who works with the business or organization must agree to be your on-site internship supervisor.

Career Services provides detailed descriptions of job responsibilities for established internships. These may be used as they are, or you may work with the on-site internship supervisor to modify the job descriptions to suit your available time and desired credit load. Some internships are very competitive and you will need to apply in the same way that you would apply for a job

If you develop a new internship, you will work with your on-site internship supervisor to create a detailed description of the job responsibilities for this internship and complete the Position Description Form (provided by Career Services

CST Faculty Supervisor

Identify an appropriate CST faculty member who will agree to be the instructor of record for the internship. Your faculty supervisor is most often your CST academic advisor as this person is most familiar with your academic record, skills, and abilities.

Faculty members have limited time and cannot supervise large numbers of internships. They may be unwilling or unable to supervise you if they have prior commitments. Therefore, you need to discuss your plans to set up an internship with the faculty supervisor early in this process. Many faculty members are not available during the summer so make summer plans early!

CST Department Approval

After you secure an internship, identify an appropriate CST faculty supervisor. This person can be any professor in the CST Department who agrees to supervise your internship project (which will be determined by you and the faculty member). Complete the cover letter described below and obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript. After these documents are approved by your faculty supervisor, initiate an internship experience on Handshake and upload the cover letter and transcript to your Handshake application. Your internship site supervisor, your faculty supervisor, and the CST Internship Director, Greg Ormes, will all enter their approval of your internship on Handshake.

1) A cover letter (use a professional format) addressed to your faculty supervisor and the CST Internship Director asking for approval of your internship. This letter should identify the internship site, the on-site supervisor, the faculty supervisor, the number of credits you wish to earn, the number of hours per week that you plan to work, and the dates on which you will start and end the internship.  Additionally, please explain why you believe your proposed internship deserves academic credit. In doing so, explain how the work you will be doing in your internship fits into your academic program of study. Any unusual circumstances concerning the internship should be explained in this letter as well.

2) A current copy of your unofficial transcript (found on your WINGS account—please do NOT print your full advising report).

3) The Career Services Internship Approval Form (electronic, via Handshake), filled out with requested information (including detailed description of the responsibilities), with needed electronic signatures from you, your faculty supervisor, and the CST Internship Director.  Career Services will help you with starting and facilitating the electronic form process.

When your internship has been approved by your faculty supervisor and the CST Internship Director, Career Services will register you for the course (CST 450).

There are no departmental deadlines for internship approval. Be aware, however, that many organizations select their interns well before the beginning of the academic semester of the internship. All internship candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their internship proposal on or before the last week of the semester before the internship. Visit Career Services early to begin your internship search.

Begin your internship search at least one semester before the semester in which you plan to do the internship!