Geography & Environmental Science

Course rotation

When Will GEO and ESC Courses Be Offered Next?

Many courses rotate: some are offered every semester, others are offered each fall or spring, while a few come around every other year! See Geography and Environmental Science's Course Descriptions page to obtain the sequence information for a particular GEO (at the end of the course description). You can also view the course rotation below or reach out to your academic advisor if you have questions about when a course might be taught next. 

F Fall S Spring
F - Odd Fall, Odd Years S - Odd Spring, Odd Years
F - Even Fall, Even Years S - Even Spring, Even Years
O Occasionally W Winter
Su Summer    
Course Course Name Offered
GEO 101 Earth Environments F, S
GEO 102 Maps and Society F, S
GEO 110 World Cultural Regions F, S
GEO 200 Conservation of Global Environments F, S, Su
GEO 202 Contemporary Global Issues F, S
GEO 211 Global Climate Change F, S, Su
GEO 221 Weather and Climate F
GEO 222 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms S
GEO 305 Geographic Information Systems and Science I F, S
GEO 307 Power, Space and Global Change F
GEO 309 Cities: Past, Present, and Future F - Odd
GEO 310 Transportation Equity and Sustainable Communities F - Even
GEO 318 The Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean S - Even
GEO 321 Sustainable Development and Conservation S
GEO 335 Islamic Asia: Cradle of Civilizations, Geographies of Conflict S - Odd
GEO 340 Polar Environments F - Even
GEO 401 Focus on Geography: A Capstone Course F, S
GEO 405 Geographic Information System and Science II F, S
GEO 410 Geospatial Field Methods F
GEO 412 Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems O
GEO 415 Remote Sensing of the Environment I F
GEO 418 Map Design and Geovisualization F
GEO 422 Meteorology S
GEO 425 Biogeography F - Odd
GEO 427 Sustainable Water Resource Management F - Odd
GEO 428 Past Environmental Change S - Even
GEO 430 River Systems S - Odd
GEO 445 Remote Sensing of the Environment II S
GEO 450 Internship in Geography and Earth Science F, S, Su
GEO 455 Web Mapping S
GEO 460 Environmental Hazards F - Even
GEO 465 Scripting in GIS O
GEO 470 Special Topics in Geography/Earth Science O
GEO 476 Geography/Earth Science Topics for Teachers O
GEO 485 Geographic Information System and Science III S
GEO 490 Independent Study F, W, S, Su
GEO 495 Seminar in Geography/Earth Science O
GEO 499 Undergraduate Research F, W, S, Su