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How to Submit a GIS Help Desk Ticket

UWL faculty and students should use the following link to submit a ticket for assistance with GIS-related computer or software items. Use of the ticketing system will ensure your GIS-related request is handled appropriately by Steve Fulton, the GIS Lab Manager, and so you can monitor and track the resolution of your request or need.


What Type of Issues Can I Submit a GIS Help Desk Ticket For?

Tickets can be submitted for the following GIS-related items.

  • Issues with computers and software in the GIS Labs (245 and 204A Cowley Hall)
  • Issues with connecting to the GIS Lab Remote Desktop. First review the remote desktop directions on this site.
  • Requesting access or connecting to the GEODATA drives. First review the mapping drives direction on this site.
  • GIS software installation on UWL student or faculty computer. Visit this site for the list of available GIS software.
  • Poster printing for Geography and Earth Science course or research projects.
  • Paper and toner replacement for printers in the GIS labs (245 and 204A Cowley Hall).
  • Issues with GIS-related hardware and software on faculty office and research computers.

The GIS ticketing system should not be used for assistance with course assignments or help requests typically handled by ITS (e.g., teaching station computers, overhead projectors, Canvas, internet, Microsoft Office 365 and email, UWL username and password, open access computer labs). It is recommended you submit a ticket through the ITS Eagle Help Desk system if you need assistance for non-GIS related computer and software needs.


GIS Lab Manager Office Hours

Steve Fulton is available to respond to tickets during the following hours and he will reply to your ticket as soon as possible while in the office. If your need is time sensitive and must be addressed outside of Mr. Fulton's scheduled work hours, it is recommended that you submit an Eagle Help Desk ticket and cc Mr. Fulton on your request.

GIS Lab Manager Contact Information

Steven Fulton  Profile of Steven Fulton

GIS Lab Manager
241 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Managing GIS lab and research computers and software.