Archaeology and Anthropology

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Archaeological Center and Laboratories Building: 1636 East Ave. near Cartwright Center

Student processing artifacts in lab UW-L has dedicated an entire, newly renovated building to house a large, well-equipped archaeology laboratory and research center. This facility contains student and staff laboratory space, equipment, student computers, and comparative research collections of hundreds of thousands of artifacts. In addition, the laboratory contains extensive reference collections of Midwestern plants and animal skeletons used by the specialists in residence for training students in the study of ancient human subsistence practices. The Archaeological Studies Program and the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center share this facility.

Archaeology/Anthropology Classroom: 312 Carl Wimberly Hall

Located in Carl Wimberly Hall, Room 312 is outfitted as a dedicated archaeology classroom. It seats 40 students and contains large wall maps, tables, and hundreds of archaeological study specimens from around the world. A human osteological study collection is maintained along with a set of hominid fossil skull casts. The room has advanced projection equipment for video, computer, and slide presentation and maintains an extensive video collection.

The Mississippi Valley Archaelogy Center (MVAC)

MVAC is a non-profit research and public education institute located on the UW-L campus that supports undergraduate research experiences and is a source of employment for students in archaeology. MVAC is dedicated to discovery, research, historic preservation, and education concerning the ancient Native peoples and historic Euro-American settlement of the Upper Mississippi Valley.  The staff consists of several archaeologists, historic preservationists, and archaeology educators and a support staff.  MVAC staff members teach occasional courses in the Archaeological Studies Program and serve as advisors for Readings and Research in Archaeology (ARC 409) and the Senior Project/Thesis (ARC 499).  It also provides many activities to bring archaeology to primary and secondary schools. Volunteer opportunities are always available. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, see Connie Arzigian.

Archaeology Scholarships

Students interested in pursuing a scholarship at UW-L are encouraged to pick up the Scholarship and Awards booklet. This publication contains information on hundreds of scholarship opportunities campus wide, with some aimed at students of archaeology and anthropology, such as the Maurice and Elizabeth Graff Scholarships and the Scott Carnes Memorial Scholarship Fund. In the past few years, many Archaeological Studies students have received scholarships. Please pick up this booklet and apply! You can obtain one at the UW-La Crosse Financial Aid Office in 215 Graff Main Hall or online. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1 of each year.

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

A wide range of opportunities are available through the Department of Sociology and Archaeology and the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center.  MVAC has seasonal positions in field work and laboratory processing of artifacts.  Students start as volunteers and with experience may be eligible for paid positions.  Contact Dr. Connie Arzigian at the Archaeology Laboratory, (608) 785-8452.

Computer Labs

Computer labs are found in all academic buildings, dorms, and the archaeology lab. Students should take advantage of all the computer resources available, especially on the World Wide Web.

Archaeology Lecture Series

Distinguished lectures in archaeology are sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center in conjunction with Archaeological Studies. The lecture series typically hosts one renowned archaeologist or anthropologist each semester speaking on current topics of national or international importance

Archaeological Internships and International Opportunities

Credit can be obtained for internships and independent foreign research. In the past, our student majors have studied in Belize, Malta, France, England, Scotland, Israel, China, Egypt and other countries. Students are encouraged to seek international opportunities through their professors, the Internet, or the UW-La Crosse Office of International Education at 116 Graff Main Hall.

Archaeology Club

This student-run organization is open to all UWL undergraduates. The club meets monthly, hosting a variety of special programs featuring student and faculty research. The club organizes fundraisers, trips to professional meetings, educational field excursions, and other events each year. If interested, see Dr. Jessi Halligan for details.